January 15 – “Go cross-country skiing if there is enough snow”

There is not enough snow, it all melted in the rain, and I don’t have cross-country skis anyway. No doubt the rest of the US thinks that everyone in Maine cross country skis to the local store to get lobster and blueberries, but that’s not really the way it is here. We did take the dog to the beach to run, so at least spent some time outside.

January 17 – “Refill bird food containers”

We’ve never fed the birds. We have a cat who would like us to feed the birds. We also have a lot of very fat squirrels in the neighborhood, I’m sure they would like us to feed the birds too.

January 18 – “Clean and oil saddles”

We don’t have any saddles. Or horses. I polished the coffee table instead and dusted the TV console.

January 19 – “Speak at United Way Women’s Leadership Breakfast in Miami”

I got my teeth cleaned this morning, which is not as glamorous or as exciting as a trip to Miami and an opportunity to speak. Then our bookkeeper came. She made a clear case for me not flying off to Miami to sip Mai Tais by the pool.

January 20 – “Take dogs to groomer”

I gave our dog the full treatment: brushed his teeth and brushed him. He’s a Portuguese Water Dog but his tale was cropped in the fall (short story – he kept chewing on it and it couldn’t heal) so now we’re growing the curly hair longer and I’m hoping for a pom pom tale eventually. I’ll keep you posted on that activity. He does need to go to the groomer soon, but I didn’t see this reminder in time to schedule it.

January 21 – “Rotate mattresses”

We rotated one mattress, our own.

Today was the Women’s March on Washington, we took part in Portland, Maine’s march with around 10,000 others.

This week’s tip from Martha: Backyard bird care from Martha