January 1 – “Return from Europe”

We did not travel to Europe for New Year’s Eve, so we can’t really relate to this calendar item. We did however have a very nice New Year’s Eve dinner, and indulged in some American Spoonbill caviar with homemade blini, so that feels tres European. Now today is the usual New Year’s Day, quiet and a bit hungover. That feels kind of like jet lag, so now that I think of it, perhaps we do have more in common today than I initially thought.

January 2 – “Take down Christmas tree”

That was easy, and definitely time to do it too, despite our best efforts (watered routinely! tree was fresh off the truck from the northern Maine woods!) the tree was dried to a crisp. The question of what to do with it was a source of some debate in our household. I read recently that squirrels and birds like to have the trees to shelter in in the winter, so wanted it in the backyard, my husband and son thought that the town recycling center might be a better spot. Ultimately though we stood it on the stand in the center of the backyard, where it looks odd and lonely in the snow.

January 3 – “Write thank you cards”

I have to say, this had not occurred to me, ever. I didn’t do it, I thought it might cause too much panic with my family (is she on her deathbed?)

January 5 – “Polish silver”

I don’t have much, even if you include my jewelry, which I don’t think is what Martha means when she suggests you polish your silver. It didn’t take long, and now everything is shiny. Thanks for reminding me Martha!

January 6 “Put away decorations”

For once I was ahead of Martha and everything was put away earlier in the week. Whew. Pat myself on the back for that one. We took our daughter back to college.

January 7 – “Go for a hike with Jude and Truman”

We successfully dropped our daughter off at her dorm but weather reports warned of a significant snow storm headed our way so we decided to stay put, and got a room in town. No hikes for us but we did walk through town to explore and enjoyed the excitement of seeing a bat fly around a restaurant, causing great panic. We were outside, watching the commotion through the large plate glass window. Finally the bat was captured and released into the night sky, at which point the waiter announced, “Dinner and a show!” Bet Martha’s hike didn’t top that!

Martha’s tip for the week: Martha Stewart Cleans and Polishes Silver