January 8 – “Lunch at farm with friends”

After last night’s unexpected overnight we drove back to Maine, stopping first to take a picture of this sign (surely a farm was on this site at some point?) No farm lunches for us but we do have a bowling team and bowl with friends on Sunday evenings so we met them for beer and bowling. There might have been some French fries involved.

January 9 – “Donate clothes to charity”

Because our son gets taller by the day there is always a mound of clothing that is on its way to Goodwill. The trick is to get the clothing out the door instead of just keeping the pile on the floor.

January 10 – “Make a batch of chicken soup”

I will do that this weekend. Soup is always good, and I keep chicken bones in the freezer for exactly this purpose.

January 11 – “Clean and organize pantry”

OK, there is no way I could do this on a week day. I don’t even remember the last time I saw the back of the pantry, and for that matter there are a few cupboards that are stuffed to the point where I can’t find things. This sounds like a weekend task, but I’m not sure I’ll get to it this weekend. It also sounds like one of those things that I’ll probably be happy I did once I’m done, so there’s that to look forward to.

January 12 – “Fertilize greenhouse plants”

I wish we had a greenhouse. But then there would be all those plants to fertilize, so maybe it’s just as well. I watered the house plants instead.

January 13 – “Schedule eye exam”

I should do that….

January 14 – Organize home office”

What a week! Maybe Martha had the week off. But what with making chicken soup (check!) and supposedly organizing the pantry, and now the home office, it’s too much. I did organize my inbox though. I’m going to put all of these items on the calendar for later this winter. I’m feeling a little pressure here to keep up. Maybe I should consider Martha’s calendar aspirational, rather than practical?

Martha’s tip for the week: Basic chicken soup.