February 5, Sunday – Attend Super Bowl

Although we weren’t at the Super Bowl we certainly did watch it. Hopefully Martha rooted for the Patriots, that was quite a come back. We watched the Super Bowl while snacking on some great all-American snacks: potato chips (wavy Ruffles to be precise) with French onion dip, carrots and celery with ranch dip, guacamole and Frank’s Red Hot chicken wings. Martha’s menu suggestions from the Jan/Feb issue included ham-and-spinach dip, romesco-and-bucheron dip, spicy shrimp dip – and for dipping, gem lettuce leaves, baguette slices drizzled with olive oil and toasted, mini bell peppers (so cute!), halved and seeded, cucumber slices and crackers. A bit more uptown.

February 6, Monday – Feed orchids

I have one orchid. It is now 5 years old and bloomed faithfully twice a year – until this year. I have never watered it using ice cubes, repotted it or fertilized it. Obviously now that it’s been a while since it bloomed I need to do something different. It might be refusing to bloom because I had to change the window it was in, it got burned from the sun, and I had already moved it once before due to our dog’s plant relocation efforts. Seeing this has made me realize that I should get a new pot, new orchid soil and fertilize it and try again. It was gorgeous, as you can see.

February 7, Tuesday – Sharpen and oil garden tools

I don’t know, it’s hard to feel like sharpening and oil garden tools when the garage is freezing and the work space is crowded with random items. That and the falling snow; makes spring feel like it’s far off. I did, however, order garden seeds, thanks to Martha’s prompt last week. And you know what, it was fun!

February 8, Wednesday – Survey property for damaged trees

The dog and I happily traipsed around the yard, looking at the trees. I noticed branches from neighbors’ trees caught in our trees and we found more fallen branches. I shook snow off the hydrangeas, which were drooping from the weight. All in all, a successful Martha outing.

February 9, Thursday – Take inventory of wine

We do not have a wine cellar. We used to buy wine once in a while by the case, but then we drank it. Let’s say our wine inventory changes continually based on the season and our culinary interests at the time. That sounds good.

February 10, Friday – Speak at Historic Charleston Foundation luncheon

I met a friend for coffee, lots of talking took place.

February 11, Saturday – Clean dryer vent – Go for a hike

Lots of snow today so I bundled up in my snow pants, coat, gloves and hat and then we took the dog on a leash-free walk through the neighborhood, which was a new experience for the dog. It was silent in all the snow and he was able to inspect every snow mound and even ventured up a few driveways as part of the expedition. The wind was so cold my face was burning but it was good to be outside. There is another storm on the way, a really big one apparently, so we’ll take another leash-free hike through the ‘hood.

We did not clean the dryer vent although I always make sure the lint filter is clean. Maybe we’ll clean the dryer vent tomorrow.

I did feel like I had a very Martha-like day in that I thought ahead about the coming snow storm and stocked up on provisions, including all ingredients needed for dinners the next few nights. We even made a special trip to Pat’s Meat Market for a chuck roast so I can make pot roast tomorrow – and I have a friend celebrating a birthday on Monday so made the clementine pulp for the cake. Tomorrow I’ll make the candied clementine slices!

This week’s tip from Martha: How to grow and care for orchids.