February 12, Sunday – Craft valentines with Jude and Truman

I didn’t make the candied clementines as intended. I’m not even sure what happened to the day. Does Martha ever have days where it feels like nothing is accomplished at all? I am sure she doesn’t. I bet she starts everyday with a list of things to tackle, and then marches ahead.

I did four loads of laundry, which is about as far as you can get from crafting valentines although there is something very satisfying about neatly folded laundry and paired socks. And I would argue that doing laundry well is a craft.

February 13, Monday – Make cookies and treats

Today I baked the clementine cake for bookclub/my friend’s birthday. I had miscalculated on the timing of the candied clementines, not realizing they needed to simmer FOREVER before being baked for an hour and I cut the process very close to my departure time, but it all worked out. It was delicious too, I’ll make it again some time.

February 15, Tuesday – Begin organizing seed packets as they arrive

Woohoo! Arrive they did. Organizing them was a complicated task but they are now in alphabetical order: Hyacinth Bean, Morning Glory Hazelwood Blues and Nasturtium Jewel of Africa.

February 16, Wednesday – Have lawn mowers serviced

I like “have lawn mowers serviced.” It sounds a little like waving a wand and lo and behold! the work is done. That is not generally how work proceeds in our household.

We do have a lawn mower but it feels a little premature to be thinking about getting it serviced. We just had about 18″ of snow over the last few days so right now it’s hard to remember what grass looks like. I am however proud to share that my husband repaired a leak in the snow blower over the weekend (and before the storm hit!) by watching a youtube video and replacing a plastic pipe.

In further relevant news our son backed the car into the garage door, warping and cracking it so it can no longer be opened unless it’s done manually and then propped open with a piece of wood. We got quotes for new doors and are looking forward to having them installed in a few weeks.

I think those two items are a mighty fine substitute for the originally scheduled task.

February 17, Thursday – Wash dogs’ winter coats and sweaters

Our dog does not own any winter coats or sweaters.

February 18, Saturday – Go for a horseback ride with friends

Still no horse. I made bread instead.


This week’s tip from Martha: 3-D valentine’s cards