February 19, Sunday – Begin sowing cauliflowers, cabbages, and brussels sprouts

My Sunday began with a workout at the gym, which was followed up by a load of laundry or two. However, spring is definitely on its way and we had an amazing day of sunshine and 50 degree + temperatures so we took the dog to Scarborough Beach. It was a glorious walk. This is all a long way of saying I did not sow any vegetables. I watered the house plants instead.

Did you notice that Martha spells brussels sprouts with a lowercase “b?” I noticed that The New York Times has also been spelling it with a lowercase “b” so clearly, Martha’s on trend. Or maybe she started it.

February 20, Monday – Order summer bulbs

Instead of ordering summer bulbs I thought I would catch up on some of my overdue Martha tasks. First up, the pantry. I emptied the pantry, wiped off all of the shelves and reorganized the items by type (crackers, cereal, flour, cornmeal etc). It looks AMAZING #thankyoumartha. Now that I’ve cleaned the pantry I’m also planning to clean out the cupboards, including that one blind cupboard that I just shove things into because I hate it so much.

Then, thanks to a son who is on school vacation, I tackled the hall closet. And by I, I mean he emptied the closet, swept it, and then went out to buy large totes for the floor. He emptied the small, overflowing bins that stored our hats into large floor totes and took the pile of random items from the floor and placed them neatly on the shelf. Again, AMAZING.

February 21, Tuesday – Bring fresh eggs to the office

This won’t work because I don’t go to an office and I have no chickens. Fortunately for me, someone brings me fresh eggs instead – my bookkeeper — and she’ll be here on Friday.

February 23, Thursday – Speak at the Garden Club of Palm Beach, Florida

We had an event walk through with a lighting company, sort of similar, right? Instead of leading a discussion on perennials and bulbs we discussed flow and uplighting and event layout.

February 24, Friday – Host South Beach Wine and Food Festival dinner

Today was a particularly ambitious Martha day, I organized my office (got about 50% of it done) – another overdue Martha task! Then, I made brownies in the afternoon (always from scratch and I added pecans to the dismay of my husband and son but I think they are better with nuts – but next time I’ll make them with no nuts anyway because after all, part of the joy of baking is in sharing with people who you make happy), cleaned the bathrooms, vacuumed and got the bedrooms ready for a visit from my parents. I don’t know how I got all this, plus work – and my bookkeeper came too – done. But I did.

We had our own festival dinner with lots of wine (well, Cava actually and then some wine). I made a vegetarian pad thai. It felt just like the South Beach Wine and Food Festival dinner, I’m sure of it.

February 25, Saturday – Family dinner with Alexis and grandchildren

This morning I saw a Martha video on silk dyed eggs and decided to try it. My mother and I went to Goodwill to buy some silk ties so we could color the eggs. Before we could get to the eggs however we had a packed day – a trip to the Portland Museum of Art and Portland Flea-for-all and a few errands.

Finally the time came for us to cut up the ties and one of my husband’s old white t-shirts. And two of his ties. We cut, and wrapped, and simmered – and then the reveal! I will definitely make these again but look for darker colored ties, and many more so I can have more variety.

To cap off my Martha day I made cinnamon rolls following the Joy of Cooking‘s Scandinavian pastry dough and then rolling it with cinnamon and brown sugar. Best dough ever. I’m going to let them rest overnight and I’ll bake them in the morning.

I give this week an A in Martha rating.

This week’s tip from Martha: silk tie Easter eggs