February 26, Sunday – Gardener Ryan McCallister’s birthday

The cinnamon rolls were so delicious I forgot to take a picture.

We had bowling this evening, and then watched the Oscars. In honor of Martha’s gardener’s birthday I made chocolate chip oatmeal cookies and now my son has cookies for school lunches this week.

February 27, Monday – Repot begonias

In the spirit of this task I cut the dead leaves off the houseplants and added more potting soil to one of the plant pots.

February 28, Tuesday – Aunt Julia’s and colleague Sarah Carey’s birthdays

So many birthdays. We kicked the day off with an annual fundraiser called “The Incredible Breakfast” – so instead of indulging in birthday cake I ate my weight in croissants, donuts, breakfast bao (pictured above) and eggs. The afternoon went by in a carbohydrate-caffeine haze.

March 1, Wednesday – Test garden soil for nutrients

I called the tree company that fertilized our sour cherry trees last spring to confirm that I did not want them to automatically return this spring. I’m still trying to decide whether or not to have them spray for the winter moth caterpillars that resulted in no cherry harvest last summer.

March 2, Thursday – Start cabbages, brussels sprout and broccoli seeds

This is odd, Martha suggested this task on February 19. Maybe she does two start times for the vegetables? Or maybe I just spotted a crack in her system.

March 3, Friday – Schedule post-winter spa appointments

I scheduled the dog for a visit to the groomer on Monday. Lucky him, he gets a bath, a blow out and a cut. Two out of those three are never on my schedule.

March 4, Saturday – Make birthday cakes for grandkids Jude and Truman

Today I discovered that the dryer timer wouldn’t “stick” so it kept sliding back to the “finish” line. This was after discovering this morning that the vacuum cleaner’s brush wouldn’t spin so it wasn’t picking up any hairs from the carpet. I imagined Martha happily baking away in her kitchen while I carefully angled the vacuum handle so the brush would spin and attempted to vacuum. I did not think about Martha while I hung wet laundry on every available surface in the basement.

I also did not bake anything but tomorrow I’ll be at an event featuring 10 different desserts, so I can make up for the lack of cake then.

This week did not score high on the Martha scale although I am still enjoying my organized closet and pantry.

This week’s tip from Martha: Birthday cakes, including a no-bake and a few other odd/unique cakes.

I think Martha must really like to make cakes. I like to make them too, they always make me feel like something special is about to happen.