March 5, Sunday – Celebrate Jude and Truman’s birthdays

Well I wasn’t exactly celebrating anyone’s birthday today but I was lucky enough to taste a half dozen or so different cakes and pastries from area bakers at an event that my firm organized as part of Maine Restaurant Week (the popular vote went to the Brown Sugar Nutella Pop-Tarts pictured above from Frisky Whisk). The event does have a celebratory air, so I’m certain that I fulfilled the concept of this calendar item. I’m going to give myself an A on this one. Plus, the organization of the event was very Martha. As in, it was organized and well thought out.

March 6, Monday – Order gladiolas and dahlias

Catching up on earlier calendar items, our dog went to the groomer for a full wash and cut. He came home looking a little poodle-like and adorable. I did not order any summer plants.

On another note, things are looking up, my husband was able to fix the dryer (!) so we did some celebratory loads of laundry.

March 7, Tuesday – Prune tea roses to remove winterkill

I do have a climbing rose, but I was told very clearly not to prune it because it blooms on old wood. If I want flowers, the trick is to leave it alone in other words. That’s exactly the kind of plant I like, the kind that thrives on independence.

In other household update news, we called Dyson, our vacuum cleaner manufacturer, and although our vacuum was well past warranty they offered us a discount on a new vacuum. We spent a romantic evening selecting a new vacuum and additional tools to go with it. We’re very excited! It doesn’t take much apparently. But seriously, these vacuums look like they will take care of everything. Maybe they can cook too.

March 8, Wednesday – Start vegetable seeds in soil blocks

I had never heard of soil blocks until I saw this, and I have to say, they sound AMAZING. One of the things I hate about starting seeds is the process of transplanting delicate seedlings into my garden. I just might order one although I don’t have very many seeds to start this year and given that it produces 20 blocks at a time (or more) it sounds like overkill. But next year, just think, I can have my own seedling assembly line. My heart is skipping a bit just imagining the row of soil blocks, ready for seeds and then, oh the garden I’ll have!

March 9, Thursday – Wash dog beds

Removed dog bed covers and washed. Dog did not notice. Thank goodness dryer is still working.

March 10, Friday – Have stables cleaned

Our brand new, glorious vacuum cleaner arrived so we have taken turns testing it out. This vacuum sucked up so much dust, cat hair and fiber that the rugs look like they have changed color.

Note, Martha writes “have stables cleaned” not “clean stables” so I would argue we are ahead of her on this one because we did the cleaning ourselves.

March 11, Saturday – Morning hike

I spent much of today preparing for an event tomorrow that concludes Maine Restaurant Week, it’s called the Spirit Quest and is a self-guided walking tour of Portland with numerous stops at participating restaurants for a bite and a taste of a cocktail. In order to make sure the venues were ready I spent a lot of time popping in and out of different locations to drop off tasting cups. Morning hike, check.

This week’s tip from Martha: How to build soil blocks.