March 12, Sunday  – Plant eggplant and pepper seeds in greenhouse

I did not do any planting. We had a work event and most of the day was dedicated to that. In any case, I do not have a greenhouse and am not growing any vegetables.

Martha 3, Gillian 0.

March 13, Monday – Have cars cleaned, waxed and serviced

We are expecting a blizzard tomorrow. Warnings for 18-24″ of snow have appeared on every device in our household for the last 24 hours. Geared up for the storm with a cheddar jalapeno biscuit before going to the grocery store, along with the rest of the state, and somehow getting the cars serviced did not make it onto today’s to do list.

March 14, Tuesday – Rotate houseplants to ensure even sun exposure

Done. Of course, the heavy snow and wind mocked me and my houseplants.

I made cookies during the storm – Grammy’s Chocolate Cookies from Martha’s book, Cookies. 

March 15, Wednesday – Martha Stewart Center for Living Gala

My husband went to the 100th anniversary of Rotary Club’s celebration this evening. Surely that’s almost the same experience. He said they had chicken and sheet cake.

March 15, Thursday – Bake Irish soda bread

Shoot. I should have done this but I didn’t look at this ahead of time and now it’s too late. And I’m sticking to that.

March 17, Friday – Have friends over for dinner

We went out for St. Patrick’s Day beer and enjoyed a mash-up dish – poutine with corned beef. And yes, it was delicious.

Our daughter came home from college and promptly went out with her friends.

March 18, Saturday – Schedule pets’ Lyme-disease and heartworm booster shots

This reminded me to check when our dog is supposed to have his next flea and tick treatment — tomorrow! The vet reminds us of the routine appointments for shots etc. so no need to call them to schedule appointments.

Go for a horseback ride

I went to Marden’s, which is similar to the adventure of a horseback ride. And I found an awesome orange poncho, which I promptly purchased and to wear to the opening night of the Maine Jewish Film Festival. It will look great with my black riding boots.

This week’s tip from Martha: Irish Soda Bread (with caraway seeds and raisins)

Maybe I will make a loaf ….