March 19, Sunday – Remove storm windows, wash sashes, and replace screens

Well, it would appear that not only does Martha lead a significantly different life than me, but she is also in a very different zone. Today’s high was something low, and it was cold, and we still have our windows shrink wrapped with plastic to keep out drafts, thank you very much. Maybe by mid-April we’ll be able to remove storm windows etc. Except, we won’t remove them, just open them, and raise the screens. Which is a task I truly look forward to because right now, I really miss sleeping with the windows open.

March 20, Monday – Have curtains steam cleaned

I washed them instead, it felt very house wife-y but it was nice once it was done.

March 21, Tuesday – Photograph early spring flowers for blog

Um, see above. This is pretty much what it looks like here. It’s only slightly exaggerated, it’s from last week.IMG_1887 2

March 22, Wednesday – Bring fresh eggs to the office

I made a coconut cake for my bookclub today. Things went really well, the cake looked great, the icing was whipped until it was white, I used my offset spatula to spread it smoothly and then I pressed the coconut onto the exterior, making coconut rain all over the counter. I hadn’t been able to find my cake dome, which has a nice snap-on lid and a flat, round bottom, making transport easy, so I iced the cake on a lovely raised cake stand. But ultimately I had to take the cake to bookclub, so I carefully put the stand on the floor in the backseat and drove off. As soon as I turned out of my neighborhood I heard an ominous thunk. I peered behind my seat and sure enough, there was the cake, on its side. What to do? I pulled over, got out of the car, opened up the passenger seat and assessed the damage. The cake left a pile of coconut shavings on the floor of the car but was not broken. I scraped off the sand and grit, coconut fluttering in the wind. I then put it next to me on the front seat, wedged my purse under it to keep it in place, and drove back to the house, where I wiped it off some more and reapplied fresh coconut. I discovered the beauty of this cake – you couldn’t see any damage at all! I then drove it to bookclub, watching it carefully on the seat next to me with no further damage/adventures.

It was delicious by the way.

March 23, Thursday – Touch up paint on house trim

Today we had our new garage doors installed, finally. Unfortunately they aren’t the ones we ordered, and the top row of windows are not the horizontal, large windows we expected but rather, tiny square windows set in something shiny and silver, making our garage doors look like some kind of freakish fortress. The “glass” in the windows is even sort of warped, or reflective, adding to the fortress look.

March 24, Friday – Have winter coats cleaned at green dry cleaner

See above. I’m still wearing mine.

March 25, Saturday – Go for a horseback ride

The garage doors are growing on us, perhaps it adds an air of intrigue. No horseback ride today but did run errands. We’ll take the dog for a run on the beach tomorrow.

This week’s tip from Martha: She is the guest editor of the current issue of Down East Magazine.

I purchased it earlier today. I’m excited to see what tips/life advice I can find in it too.