March 26, Sunday – Take outdoor furniture out of storage

So much Martha activity to manage this week. What with reading the new issue of Down East and the current Living my head is spinning with potential “to-dos.” First of all, I really want to experiment with some of the removable wallpaper featured in Living. I’ve torn out the page with the Chinoiserie wallpaper to remind me to look it up later. But, back to that outdoor furniture. Our house would look like a dump if we put it outside now so it could rest in the mounds of snow that still remain. Surely Martha wouldn’t approve.

March 27, Monday – Deep-clean area rugs

I vacuumed and with the new vacuum cleaner sucking up so much dust I think it counts as  a deep clean.

By the way, last week when I said I had washed all the curtains I lied. I didn’t wash the ones in the dining room, they are too heavy, and were too expensive for me to risk running through the washing machine, so I took them to the dry cleaner. I was shocked to hear it would be $80 to clean them, but it’s only once a year…. and I haven’t cleaned them since I purchased them several years ago. Plus I won’t have to iron them. I didn’t mention this before but I bet I spent 1 1/2 hours ironing all the curtains.

March 28, Tuesday – A New Way to Bake hits bookstores; Bake sweet oat-walnut crisps

I ran out of time today, I did not bake anything. And if I had had time to bake, I wouldn’t have made these cookie/crackers, even though she recommends serving them with Harbison, my current favorite cheese.

March 29, Wednesday – Stock up on spring-cleaning supplies

I wonder what supplies Martha stocks up on. I just buy things when I need them but now I feel like I’m missing out. Are there special supplies for the spring that I don’t know about??

March 30, Thursday – Remove burlap from boxwoods

I called the local tree company to have them come out next week to talk about spraying for winter moth caterpillars. Last year I called the town to find out if I could buy the insects that are being released in some areas to control the moths and learned that they are not available for individuals. I also had NO cherries on my cherry trees, and therefore no cherry pie, because of those damn moths. I am not sure what Martha would do but I think she would want to preserve the harvest.

March 31, Friday – Plant sweetpeas

While I did not do any planting I did enjoy a taste of spring at the Maine Flower Show and it was great to smell some dirt (and lilacs) and see some flowers. I came home and looked up two trees that I fell in love with: Redbud Pink Heartbreaker and Fringe Tree.

Last night I was lucky enough to attend a very special pop up dinner at The Danforth featuring dishes from the new spring menu from Natalie’s (Camden Harbour Inn). The razor clam and the dessert were like eating plates of spring. I can feel that spring is on its way even if I didn’t plant anything, or remove burlap from my boxwoods, which is impossible for two reasons. I’ll let you guess.

April 1, Saturday

I don’t know yet what today has in store, I have to go buy the next issue. I do know that we have yet another snow storm, it’s been snowing all day. The So Cool So Cal home featured this month is looking mighty fine at the moment.

This week’s tip from Martha: Sweet Oat-Walnut Crisps

I’m still thinking about these because of the Harbison. It’s all about the cheese.