April 3, Monday – Polish sterling silver pieces

I feel like we just did this. In fact, I can see that my silver is not tarnished, a sure sign that this doesn’t need to be done again. I did, however, polish a pair of earrings that I haven’t worn in ages that had tarnished, so mission accomplished.

Also, in case you are wondering (I sure was) Saturday was merely marked as April Fools’ Day in the April issue of Living. No indication of how Martha feels about pranks. We had a snow storm, which I wish was just a prank.

April 4, Tuesday – Plant new fruit trees

As tempting as this is, I am not planning to plant any new fruit trees. The arborist is coming Friday afternoon to talk to me about the winter moths and treatment. The snow is still melting from the April Fools’ Day snow storm too, so planting right now isn’t an option anyway.

April 5, Wednesday – Speak at FUSE Miami

Instead of speaking in Miami I accompanied a chef to a local TV studio for a cooking demo. He made Peruvian ceviche with tuna and corn nuts — which felt Miami-like.

April 6, Thursday – Wash and set up garden furniture

They say it will hit 70 next week. I did walk into the backyard today to look at the firepit, which is filled with a mound of broken branches collected from the yard. I vacuumed the sunporch, removed the dead plants from last summer, and opened the doors wide to let the hot air from the sun into the TV room.

April 7, Friday – Clean gutters

My husband and I took a look at the gutters. Martha is right, they definitely need to be cleaned. Maybe even replaced. We added that to the “to do” list which also includes painting the house, adding a railing and painting the front steps, you get the idea.

The arborist came today and will return to spray the two cherry trees and the ornamental cherry tree in early May – and then again two weeks later. If the spray doesn’t work and I still don’t have any cherries this summer … well … we’ll see what happens.

April 8, Saturday – Wash and store heavy sweaters; Go for a horseback ride

It’s not quite warm enough to pack away winter clothes but I have been reading some tips from a local clothing store about cleaning out your closet and I’m really looking to getting rid of things I haven’t worn in years. I will definitely wash and store my heavy sweaters when I go through everything later this month.

Let’s agree that we can ignore Martha’s suggestions of going for a horseback ride.

This week’s tip from Martha: Winter Storage