April 16, Sunday – Host annual Easter egg hunt

No Easter egg hunt here but I did remember to give everyone an Easter bag with the candy and Passover ring jells. I had thought of tying each bag with a ribbon so that at least it would look a little more polished, but honestly, the fact is I filled each bag (with care) on top of our drier in the basement, which was no way near the ribbon, and I was doing all of this while hosting visiting family.

April 17, Monday – Prune roses; remove any winterkill

Today was HOT. We weren’t prepared for it, it came on too fast and early in the season. I think it hit a million degrees. I started out with some simple raking in the front yard to get the sand and salt out of the grass (and away from the cherry trees) and had to come back inside to change. This created a dilemma. Shorts would have been the logical choice but it’s only mid April and I was frightened by the sight of my own legs. I opted to take a break instead, and waited til later in the day to do any more yard work.

I didn’t prune the roses, they bloom on last year’s growth and I like to get as many flowers as possible.

April 19 , Wednesday – Receive leadership award from the Culinary Institute of America

I think my recent struggles with the Sachertorte will put any thoughts of awards from the CIA to rest.

April 20, Thursday – Schedule spring maintenance for cars

At first I thought this day said “schedule spring maintenance for cats” which was really funny. The cat went to the vet on Monday. Shortly after I left the house, having asked myself out loud if the cat carrier door was working properly, I discovered that it was not. This was apparent because after the cat stopped howling in the back I spotted him in the rear view mirror, standing on the top of the back seat. He then joined me in the front of the car, standing on my lap to look out the window. This was terrifying. Fortunately I was almost at the vet by the time this happened and it all worked out.

April 21, Friday – Clean and organize pantry

Martha was right, it was time to do this again. It was much faster this time, apparently it’s easier to keep it clean once it’s been cleaned.

We took most of the day off and went on a mini vacation to Westbrook. Those of you in Maine will find that a funny concept – but let me just say that in the brief outing we had phenomenal food at Big Fin Poke, delicious chocolate at Black Dinah, admired the waterfall behind Black Dinah and checked out a European grocer on Main Street with an impressive assortment of German cookies, sauerkrauts and Russian canned food – plus one red leather jacket.

April 22, Saturday – New season of Martha Stewart’s Cooking School premieres on PBS

I’m sorry to say I didn’t watch it. I was deeply involved in Schitt’s Creek, which is one of the funniest shows ever, and has consumed all of my TV watching energy. But now I’ve watched all of it so I can turn my attention elsewhere, like to Martha Stewart’s Cooking School. 

This week’s tip from Martha: How to cut and care for roses.

This video is soothing and somewhat hypnotic. “It’s a good thing.”