April 24, Monday – Fill birdbaths with water

We don’t have any birdbaths. Yesterday I read about a bird that eats its weight in mosquitos (daily!) and thought about getting the specific birdhouse it requires. If I do that, maybe I’ll also become the kind of person who has birdbaths, and birdfeeders. It’s a whole thing I think.

April 25, Tuesday – Clean baseboards

I did not do this. I should do this. I know that the only really clean baseboards in the house are in the bathrooms, and that’s because every time I wash those floors I wipe down the baseboards. But the baseboards in the dining room, kitchen, living room, office, bedrooms? Well, that’s another story. I will add this to my growing list of Martha-recommended actions.

April 26, Wednesday – Plant greenhouse grown lupine, delphinium and columbine seedlings in the flower garden

I started nasturtiums, morning glories, some thistle, and zinnias from seed. Instead of putting them in my non-existent greenhouse I put them out in my sunporch. I don’t understand how Martha’s not-so-far-from-here climate can be so far ahead of ours. If I put seedlings in the flower garden I think they would all be dead within a week or so.

April 27, Thursday – Bring fresh eggs to the office

Alas, I still don’t have any hens.

April 28, Friday – Plant trees

I read that you should inspect your trees/bushes for signs of the winter moth caterpillar using a loupe, which I do not own, but I went outside to examine the cherry trees nonetheless. I squinted a lot, and looked closely at the buds. So far, no signs of the dreaded caterpillars. This was not a tip from Martha, but I’ll bet that she has a loupe for this purpose, and for other tasks too no doubt.

April 29, Saturday – Go for a horseback ride

We went to the Farmers’ Market today, it’s back in the park and it was nice to see the farm stands set up once again, outdoors. I purchased two plants, a spring anemone and a delphinium, to make up for the lack of a greenhouse.

No horseback rides today.

This week’s tip from Martha: The Golden Rules of Cleaning.

This has checklists! It’s filled with quality instructions, including “six things to do every day,” “weekly cleaning,” and “every once in a while.” But wait, there’s more! So. Much. Cleaning.