April 30, Sunday – Go for a hike

Oh boy what a hike. Today I took our daughter shopping for her birthday, to find some needed things for the spring/summer. We hiked all over several stores. My feet hurt now. I put a real hike on my calendar for next week, in the Scarborough Marsh.

May 1, Monday – Cut spring flowers for bouquets

Not much is blooming really, but I picked up some flowers at Trader Joe’s. $3.99 for a sunflower, a calla lily (dark purple!) and some greens. It looks very cheerful on the kitchen counter.

May 2, Tuesday – Attend Barnard College annual gala

Mah Jong was at my house so instead of attending a gala we played mah jong, drank tea and ate Trader Joe’s mini peanut butter cups.

May 3, Wednesday – Attend Frederick Law Olmsted Awards “Hat Luncheon” and Friends of Hudson River Park board meeting

Damn. I missed the opportunity to wear a crazy hat.

I hosted bookclub tonight. The meal is a very important part of our bookclub. I made Martha Stewart’s chicken posole. I was prepared for the phrase “preferably homemade” preceding the words “chicken broth.” (By the way, I can hear her saying it in my head, I know the exact intonation. If I were more technologically talented I could produce a sound bite for you.) I calmly opened the freezer, removed the bag of chicken necks, bones and bits, dropped it into a pot, covered it with water and added a few carrots, some celery and parsley. This was at 10 a.m. I felt very efficient. Proud of my start to the dish, I then settled down to work for the next few hours while the broth simmered away.

The dish was easy, and delicious.

It was an A+ Martha day. Plus I had the table set with a table cloth, cloth napkins, and some of my favorite dishes before anyone arrived. A++

May 4, Thursday – Attend Antique Garden Furniture Fair preview party at the New York Botanical Garden

This sounds like a blast. I am sure that I would love an antique garden furniture preview party and given that our plastic Adirondack chairs have fallen into ruin and taken to pinching people in the back, we would surely benefit from the purchase of antique garden furniture.

I went to the Maine College of Art MECAmorphosis, which featured a fashion show presented by the MECA textile/fashion students. It was fun and I saw several pieces that I would really love to wear. And I got to dress up, always a bonus.

May 5, Friday – Touch up paint on metal outdoor furniture

Ahem. No metal outdoor furniture for us; plastic will do, thank you.

We did however enjoy having our front steps power washed, revealing the wood beneath the five years of grime. We just had a railing added to the steps too. Mind you, this is probably 7 years after having these wooden steps constructed. Next step is to stain (or paint) the railing and steps. Perhaps I’ll see if Martha has any suggestions for colors.

May 6, Saturday – Kentucky Derby party

It rained ALL DAY. I read most of Zadie Smith’s Swing Time, which is about as far from the Kentucky Derby as you can get. And we couldn’t go on our hike in the Scarborough Marsh, and we can’t go tomorrow either.

This week’s tip from Martha: Chicken posole.