May 7, Sunday – Horseback ride

Spent the day digging (happily) in the garden.

Tonight I decided to make cookies so my son would have some for lunch this week. I also remembered that I owed treats to a friend who gave me a plate of brownies at Thanksgiving (yes, Thanksgiving).  I had intended to return the plate with cookies or brownies on it, I think that’s the way it’s supposed to go, you aren’t supposed to return an empty dish. That isn’t something I picked up from Martha but I bet she agrees.

I made Martha’s Chocolate Crackle Cookies. No mishaps. I didn’t have enough brown sugar so substituted some regular sugar and a bit of molasses, I don’t think it made a difference to the texture or flavor of the cookies. These are really good, mostly because they have bittersweet chocolate AND cocoa in them and they are rolled in sugar AND confectioner’s sugar, so they have a great exterior. I’ll definitely make them again. It made enough for school lunches and for me to prepare a nice plateful for my friend. I’ll bring it to the gym tomorrow (I know, bringing cookies to the gym sounds nuts.)

May 8, Monday – Order additional flower-arranging supplies

I’m sore enough to feel as though I was horseback riding yesterday.

The cookie hand off went well. My friend gleefully informed the front desk at the gym that he would “be right back, I just have to go to my car because she’s giving me cookies!”

Flower-arranging supplies – I own a few glass frogs (I can’t remember where I got them and never remember to use them), scissors, vases and even floral wire, so I think I’m set.

May 9, Tuesday – Send area rugs for cleaning

My husband asked if I was sure I couldn’t just hold the cat so he could vacuum it. The cat’s hair is probably the single biggest reason for vacuuming, which we do frequently. We do have several area rugs, and I have heard that there is a company locally that will pick up, clean and return rugs, but that sounds expensive, doesn’t it? I just vacuumed instead of sending the rugs out.

May 10, Wednesday – Give dogs a bath

No bath, but I brushed the cat (which it turns out he really enjoys!) and I trimmed the hair on the dog’s chin, and around his eyes, and brushed him. We’ll take him to the beach for a swim soon, and he probably should have his summer cut soon as well.

Went out to dinner tonight and had punugulu, I’m just sharing because I love the word so much.

May 11, Thursday – Plant celery, broccoli, and cauliflower seedlings

I checked on my seedlings again and it looks like I need to plant more of the climbing nasturtiums but everything else is coming up nicely.

This evening I had a cocktail called The Garden Party, it was a brilliant orange because of the carrot juice and had a nice bit of gin in it. It was as close to planting as I got. I am also claiming that it counts as juicing, which everyone knows is good for you.

May 12, Friday – Clean kitchen appliances

Because Martha was vague about this task (does this include interiors or exteriors only?) I was able to complete this in record time by wiping down the exterior of the microwave, dishwasher, KitchenAid, oven and fridge with Clorox Wipes. Did you know they don’t even have Clorox in them??

May 13, Saturday – Attend Trade Secrets charity garden event in Sharon, Connecticut

I spent some quality time weeding, and digging, and transplanting today, it was one of the first decent weather days we’ve had in a while. My annual battle with the Bishop’s Weed is underway. It isn’t really a battle anywhere, I think I have reached a higher plane and it has become a zen-like activity.

Tonight is our son’s junior/senior high school prom so we went to Fort Williams to take pictures of him with his friends and girlfriend. This definitely qualifies as a social occasion, lots of parents and teens go there for pictures, so we all get to talk, admire how handsome/beautiful everyone is and in general mill about in the park. No doubt very similar to the activities Martha experienced at the charity garden event.

This week’s tip from Martha: Chocolate Crackle Cookies