May 14, Sunday – Mother’s Day

Today was a nice day, pretty laid back. I had picked some flowers yesterday, ahead of the rain expected today (see above – and I’ve now learned why Solomon’s Seal is not used in bouquets, it wilts rapidly). Our daughter texted me to ask if her brother had remembered to get the Mother’s Day present that they had talked about sharing – and he had completely forgotten, no doubt due to prom planning – and so I went out and bought myself the eyeliner she had picked out for me. Martha would probably be horrified. I noticed that she had recommendations for gifts in the May issue, including a Craft Cocktail Grow Kit — aka “the longest wait for a cocktail known to mankind” – first you have to plant the seeds for your garnish.

May 15, Monday – Open up windows to air out house

It was chilly all day today but tomorrow is supposed to be warm, so I’ll open some windows then. But not all of them, that would be too much of a shock to the system.

May 16, Tuesday – Stock up on wines for outdoor entertaining

I believe we have discussed the concept of “stocking up” on wines before. I present to you an example of how that would go – when my parents were visiting last week my mother asked if I wanted to open the bottle of prosecco that she left in our fridge back in April – and I practically laughed at the idea that a bottle of prosecco could remain in the fridge for so long. It was not there, I checked.

It was hot today so we did open a few windows. We also took the dog to the beach for some running and swimming. That didn’t air out the house but it did make us feel pretty refreshed and ready for summer!

May 17, Wednesday – Have air conditioning system services

Well, in Maine people like to say you don’t need air conditioning, we have ocean breezes. I don’t think that’s really true, but it is true that we don’t need it very often. We do not have central air in our house. We do have a few window units that we store in closets until it gets really hot. I did track down a few window screens for the windows in our house that are missing screens – that is a low tech version of servicing the air conditioning system. I think that also has a wholesomeness that Martha would approve of.

May 18, Thursday – Take dogs and cats for yearly check up

Didn’t we just do this? I think Martha must have forgotten. Or maybe a few weeks ago when she reminded me to schedule the visits she didn’t realize I’d get in so quickly. Fortunately all of that has been taken care of.

May 19, Friday – Harvest rhubarb

I might have rhubarb growing between the back of my garden and the back of my neighbor’s garden, underneath some large ungainly rose bushes that don’t bloom much. Every spring I discover it when I’m weeding and I think to myself “boy, that looks like rhubarb.” And then I leave it. Maybe I should pick a stalk and taste it. But first maybe I should look online to make sure it really is rhubarb, what if it’s something poisonous? I’m pretty sure Martha doesn’t want that hanging over her head.

May 20, Saturday – Horseback ride

No horses, as you know. I gardened but had a rough day of it. Looking closely at things I discovered that I lost half of one of my large hydrangias, I think the Rose of Sharon in my flower bed might be dead (I know it’s a late starter but the other Rose of Sharons have green on them) and suddenly in the heat and sunshine the Bishops Weed shot up above everything. I considered suggesting to my husband that we torch the garden, or rototill it and plant grass instead. I gave up and went to a nursery to buy two mandevillas to put in the sun porch. No weeds there and the splash of color made me feel better. It did not, however, come close to Martha’s container gardens. Not yet, anyway, but there is still time to embellish.

This week’s tip from Martha – how to create beautiful container gardens