May 21, Sunday – Plant urns around the pool

Today was a much more organized day out in the garden. I sawed off the dead branches on my hydrangea and tackled the weeds with renewed enthusiasm. I also planted some annuals around the outside edge of the large planter in front of the house. It’s not the same as an urn by the pool, and it’s not finished, but it’s a good start. I planted some of the hyacinth beans I started a few weeks ago in a planter on the sun porch so they can climb there. I think they’ll look great later this summer.

I do think about having a pool though. Ever since I saw this clip of a dumpster pool, I’ve been tempted to have my own. I don’t think it would look right with urns alongside.

May 22, Monday – Cut blooming lilacs for flower arrangements

I was eyeing the lilac tree yesterday and thinking about doing this but didn’t, and it’s raining today so I didn’t do it today either. The lilac tree had almost no flowers last year but I distinctly remember saying that if it didn’t bloom this year I’d cut it down. Perhaps it heard me. It’s covered with flowers this year. I’ll cut some tomorrow. They are a beautiful dark purple.

May 23, Tuesday – Collect eggs from chicken coop

Alas, the house that sold eggs down the street has stopped putting its flag out announcing that it has eggs available. It’s been weeks now without any of their delicious, fresh eggs. I am going to have to buy some at the Farmer’s Market this weekend, which is fine, but not the same as getting them from someone in my neighborhood.

Speaking of eggs, and chickens, the April/May issue of Down East, with guest editor Martha, had an article about someone in Maine who keeps hens and, I kid you not, her henhouse is wallpapered. Check it out here.

May 24, Wednesday – Polish copper pots

I cut some lilacs and brought them inside. A few hours later I got a headache from the overwhelming aroma. I put them on the sunporch, where they look beautiful and I can admire them through the glass door, which is shut because it’s still chilly.

I do not own any copper pots, but I do own a colander that has a copper exterior, so I polished that. First of all, it turns out I’ve never polished copper before. Martha said “This treatment for cleaning copper amazes everyone who tries it. A pleasing bonus: It’s chemical-free. All you need are a lemon and coarse salt. Sprinkle the cut side of a lemon half with the salt, then rub it over the copper, which will soon gleam.” I guess it was fast, but it used waaay more salt than I ever expected to use and I banged my forehead on the corner of the cabinet to the right of the sink. I’m not sure that I like how pink it now looks.


And here’s something funny, the hens are laying again at my neighbor’s and I was able to get some fresh eggs!

May 25, Thursday – Clean grilling supplies

Well, I think the saying goes “clean grilling supplies, clean grill.” We have neither. We definitely need to clean the grill. My husband says we have a brush, but that’s as close as I got to cleaning the grill or the grilling supplies. My method is to crank all the burners on high and burn off any residue, but the last time I grilled I did notice flames on top of the burners, so clearly a good clean is needed. First I need to track down that brush.

May 26, Friday – Give a cooking demonstration at Williams Sonoma Culinary Stage at BattleRock music festival

I’m on my own this weekend, our daughter and my husband are at a concert in Boston and our teenaged son is out. And I came down with a cold. I made myself a Swiss cheese omelet and a toasted bagel – no one watched except for the dog, who always pays very close attention in the kitchen.

May 27, Saturday – Maine planting weekend

Woohoo! Our tasks aligned fully! I ignored my headache and stuffy nose and headed out into the garden to do some Maine planting! To be more exact, I weeded and did some garden planning. I’m envisioning mulch around the large plants, weeded clear areas around the others, moving the overcrowded plants from the front of my garden to the garden in back and building a raised bed for vegetables. I am on it! Martha couldn’t have done better herself!

This week’s tip from Martha: A look at Martha’s vegetable garden.

It’s beautiful.