June 11, Sunday – Pick strawberries for jam

I think we need another week or so to have strawberries in Maine. There has been a lot of rain too, which might have slowed things down. Last year I picked a ton and made my first batch of strawberry jam. It came out really well and I’ll do it again this year. I just found a bag of frozen strawberries from last summer in my freezer. I’m certain that this never happens to Martha. Now I am suffering from forgotten-strawberry-guilt.

June 12, Monday – Schedule dog grooming appointments

This is the kind of thing that I think about late at night, or early in the morning, and then forget when the groomer is actually open so I could call to schedule an appointment. Our dog does need to be groomed, in fact, the hair on his head is starting to fall into a center part of dreadlocks. The other day he walked straight into a post. I’ll get on it.

June 13, Tuesday – Fertilize greenhouse orchids

I have one orchid, and it needs to be repotted and fed, definitely. It used to bloom faithfully, annually, (or even more frequently) but I think it’s been over a year now. It looks like some weird monster with its roots flailing over the pot’s edge and a weird mix of dead moss and who knows what in the pot. This is on my list for the next time I go to Home Depot.

June 15, Thursday – Plant second crop of beet and spinach seeds

Was it last week when I created a grand plan for the garden, complete with a raised vegetable bed? Hasn’t happened yet. If Martha wants to come by I’d be in favor of that.

June 17, Saturday – Weed rose gardens

I have one rose, it’s a climbing rose and it’s really taken off this year. Weeding isn’t an issue, but I did feed it today.

This week’s tip from Martha: How to Grow Orchids and Care for Them

I have a friend who only waters her orchids with ice cubes.