June 18, Sunday – Father’s Day – Go for a horseback ride

I wonder how many fathers make their own Father’s Day dinners. My husband made ours, very cheerfully too. It was a nice day, even if there was no horseback riding.

June 19, Monday – Sharpen knives and scissors

It turns out that we own a thing to sharpen knives. Perhaps it’s called a knife sharpener. It also turns out I can’t do it, it’s like chalk on a chalkboard and makes my teeth feel weird.

Number of knives sharpened – 1. Number of knives that need to be sharpened – 5.

June 21, Wednesday – Plant sunflower seeds

This sounds like fun, and I’d like to do it, but first I have to buy some sunflower seeds.

We finally remembered to call about a grooming appointment for the dog and learned that the groomer is on vacation, and they are booking now for mid-July! I should have listened when Martha told me to schedule the appointment.

Tonight for dinner I made Martha Stewart’s stuffed peppers, they tasted great but were not a hit with the kids.

June 22, Thursday – Harvest garlic scapes

Five years ago I planted garlic. I didn’t harvest the scapes, but did harvest the garlic (most of it). I never planted more, but every year I get some scapes, and I am reminded that there is garlic in the back of the flower bed, and then I forget to pull it up in the fall. Now this year, when I went to look for it, I couldn’t find it at all. The peonies are taller than ever before and the area where the garlic usually is is crowded with flowers. But then I noticed a patch that looks a little like a day lily gone wild, but I didn’t plant a lily there. I picked a leaf and it smells like garlic, so I’m wondering if it is, but then why aren’t there any scapes?

This is a long way of saying I didn’t harvest garlic scapes, but not for lack of trying.

June 23, Friday – Weed vegetable beds

I don’t have vegetable beds. My back has been hurting for the past week, actually longer, so I think I should take a break from gardening but that’s easier than it sounds. For one thing, the weeds will take over everything.

June 24, Saturday – Go for a horseback ride

We got up early and took our dog to the beach. It’s always fun to watch him run and swim. He’s in desperate need of a haircut at this point, the hair hangs on his body and sways when he runs. He reminds me of a horse when we’re on the beach. A horse that likes to bark and chase balls.

This week’s tip from Martha: Garlic Recipes

For those of you who know where your garlic is.