June 25, Sunday – Brunch with Alexis, Jude and Truman

This is how weekend mornings go in our house: My husband and I get up, go downstairs, read the paper, have breakfast, consider next steps. Kid number one appears mid-morning, has breakfast, makes a mess, cleans up, mostly. Kid number two appears late morning, has breakfast, makes a mess, cleans up, mostly. Either kid could appear first but for some reason they are never in the kitchen at the same time.

This is only if they don’t have work. If they have work they fly downstairs, scarf down a bowl of cereal and bolt out the door. Brunch is not really an option for the four of us, but lunch might work.

I did a little gardening today because I had to get the zinnias planted but it definitely wasn’t easy with my back hurting.

June 26, Monday – Deadhead peonies

I do this ongoing, and did cut more today. I love cutting the peonies when they are about done, the white peonies smell heavenly and the petals fall like snow onto the leaves.

I also finished planting the zinnias and started a mystery pack of seeds that I picked up at the flower show back in March? April? My friend reminded me of the seeds, she had just planted her pack. Here’s hoping they are fast growers!

June 27, Tuesday – Feed roses

I feed the climbing rose on May 15, June 15 and July 15. When I bought the rose at the Farmers’ Market the woman I bought it from was very clear about this, even writing it on the side of her rose instruction sheet and circling it, and I have not forgotten. She said never to fertilize after July 31. The rose seems to be doing very well so I won’t mess with the process.

June 28, Wednesday – Harvest peas

I don’t have any peas but I did check on the hyacinth beans I planted on our custom trellis (made of twine and electrical conduit I think) today, I am trying to not check them too often under the “a watched pot never boils” theory. They look pretty good out there but haven’t gotten much taller. The ones in the sun porch on the other hand are suddenly shooting up, and I see those daily. So maybe I should look at the ones outside more often.

June 29, Thursday – Pick raspberries

Raspberries aren’t ready yet. I love fresh raspberries more than any other summer fruit but have never gone raspberry picking as an adult. As a child, my mother and I would scour prickly hillsides in the hot sun, picking as we went. We ate them with cream and a bit of sugar I think. I know we ate blueberries that way. It’s funny to think of the things that I sometimes had a as a child that I have never considered serving my kids, or eating again. I’m not sure why that is, it’s not like it didn’t taste good. Added to this category: leftover rice, cold, with sugar and milk; gribenes (which I’ve never made and I’m not sure I know how, so I just googled this recipe and am sharing it, we did not have onions with ours) and shepherd’s pie (my dad was responsible for this dish).

June 30, Friday – Set out additional lettuce seedlings

I didn’t plant lettuce. I bought some lettuce instead.

I had a friend over for dinner, and he has a garden plot for vegetables, I think he planted lettuce so I’ll try to remember to remind him. He did, however, definitely plant garlic and has harvested his scapes. He shared with me that he made garlic scape butter, and was already making bagel breakfast plans for the butter.

July 1, Saturday – Hang flags for Fourth of July

I’m not sure if we own a flag. I’m going to bake a red, white and blue cake and plan a Martha Stewart picnic. The cake is a tribute to the zebra cake I made a few weeks ago, but using a different cake batter.

This week’s tip from Martha: Everything you need to host a beautiful brunch