July 2, Sunday – Stock up on citronella candles

Here in Maine the mosquitos laugh at citronella candles. Personally I like the screened in porch as a mosquito repellent.

July 3, Monday – Make granitas

I found the garlic scapes! That section of the garden that I mentioned that had what looked like a day lily was indeed all garlic (my garlic must be very small bulbs, and crowded too I guess). So today, I harvested the garlic scapes. Proof:

Garlic scapes

In all the excitement, I did not make granitas.

July 4, Tuesday – Barbecue and watch fireworks

I made a July 4 cake with red, white and blue swirls. The 6 layered cake did not come out quite as a I envisioned. A few lessons learned: I should have made one layer blue and white and two layers red and white vs all three the same; I should have changed the order, each was a red, white and blue swirl, which meant they all ended with blue, which meant the cake had blue towards the center in each layer.

The cake did taste great though! I did not make a Martha Stewart picnic to accompany it but we did have hot dogs with a green goddess potato salad, so it felt holiday appropriate. I bet Martha loves hot dogs.

July 5, Wednesday – Pick currants

I wasn’t in the garden today, or anywhere really where currant picking was an option.

July 6, Thursday – Place straw under pumpkins and gourds

I have neither pumpkins nor gourds growing in the garden.

July 7, Friday – Stake dahlias

I deadheaded plants, and realized I should put a stake in where each allium is currently because it turns out I underestimated the height of the peonies, and many of the globe alliums are hidden behind other plants.

I used to plant dahlias every year, and I love the way they look. They bloomed at the end of August, or early September. I got tired of digging them up and storing them all winter. I might try them again though, maybe next year.

July 8, Saturday – Go for morning swim, have brunch with friends

My husband and I went strawberry picking, it’s the first time he’s come along and it was a perfect morning for it. There was a light breeze from the ocean, the sky was blue, the sun shining – but it wasn’t too hot. Apparently we picked more than I really thought because despite the fact that it feels like I made jam all day I have more berries to process tomorrow. Good thing that I like the sense of satisfaction I get from seeing the jars packed with jam.

This week’s hint from Martha: Picking currants on the farm

IRL Martha picked her currants last week.