July 9, Sunday – Weed gardens

Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) my back hurt so much today that weeding was out of the question. My husband helped out by weeding an area under the PG hydrangeas and putting down some mulch, which made that part of the garden look professionally landscaped.

I was able to pick cherries (!!) from the trees, there are a lot this year. I usually count my cherry harvest in numbers of pies, so far I have picked three pies.

I also made more strawberry jam, and a strawberry shortcake, so I am giving today an A+ in Martha-like activity.

July 11, Tuesday – Have donkeys hooves trimmed

I don’t even know what to say to this one. I trimmed the cats claws, but that doesn’t have the same ring to it.

July 14, Friday – Cut early hydrangeas

The hydrangeas are in bloom but I don’t bring them indoors, I like to see them from my desk window, and when I look at the garden. I do like cut flowers, but my husband really doesn’t, so I’m content to look at them outside. Except in the winter, and spring, when I buy cut flowers so I can have the pleasure of seeing them when the weather is dreary. For some reason he doesn’t object as much to the flowers I bring home from Trader Joe’s, perhaps it’s because they are usually ant- and spider-free.

July 15, Saturday – Pick raspberries for jam; go horseback riding

I didn’t do either of these things. We are in Quebec, at the music festival. I had an incredible cheese plate with four local cheeses -no berries. A horseback ride would have been welcome, my calves are killing me from climbing hundreds of stairs and walking uphill when I wasn’t climbing stairs.

This week’s tip from Martha: Classic cherry pie with a butter crust

This is not the pie I usually make but I will try it this year with my cherries.