July 16, Sunday – Soap-spray greenhouse plants to prevent whitefly infestation

I don’t know what whiteflies are and I hope I don’t find out. I examined my sunporch and I’m pleased to report there are no signs of insect infestation, whitefly or otherwise. There are however some spiderwebs and it’s dirty. So there’s that.

July 17, Monday – Take cats to vet

I went to the pet store to replace the “easy release” flea collar for the cat because clearly, it was easy release. I bought the expensive liquid this time, I figure not having fleas and ticks in the house is worth the price.

July 18, Tuesday – Plant new crops of lettuce, carrots, and beets

We all know by now that I don’t have vegetables in my garden but I discovered that I have blueberries on one of my blueberry bushes. First time in years! They don’t look very good though, I think it’s been a little too dry for them. I’ll have to fertilize the bushes this fall, hopefully I can use the same fertilizer I will need for the cherry trees.

July 19, Wednesday – Harvest shell peas

We went out to dinner at The Well at Jordan’s Farm so although no harvesting was involved we did have farm fresh vegetables, including peas in my entree:


July 20, Thursday – Harvest garlic

I forgot to do this today. I wonder if it’s ready to harvest.  I’m not sure that planting it in the flower bed was the smartest thing to do. I just thought that the scapes would look really cool with the flowers, but it’s hard to keep track of where they are.

Today I discovered that my mandevilla has an aphid infestation; this plant is in the sunporch. So much for my insect-free gloating. Fortunately Martha says all I need is a spray with a mix of dishwashing detergent and water, so I took care of that (and added a pinch of cayenne, recommended on another site).

July 21, Friday –  Deadhead perennials

This is one of the most satisfying of garden tasks. I like to take a pair of clippers, and a bucket, along for the fun.

We picked ALL of the remaining cherries from the cherry tree today.

July 22, Saturday – Clean stables

Even though the kids’ rooms look as though they were raised in a barn, as the saying goes, I did not clean their rooms.

This week’s tip from Martha: How to harvest garlic.

Step one appears to be to buy a pair of overalls.