July 24, Monday – Pick catnip; dry for cats

I wish I had thought of planting catnip, but on the other hand, I try to keep the cat out of the garden and I can’t help but wonder if this would draw the cat in? So no catnip for this cat, other than the dried sandwich baggie full in the cupboard next to the fridge. I sprinkled some on the cardboard scratching post but I think the catnip must be stale, assuming it can become stale, because he sniffed at it, napped on top of the scratching post and then left it alone.

July 25, Tuesday – Magrino Public Relations 25th-year celebration

I can imagine a 25-year celebration for my PR firm, sort of. But I don’t think that Martha will be attending. We’ll have fabulous food and champagne. And chocolate.

July 27, Thursday – Stake and tie tomatoes

I staked and tied some adorable drumstick alliums. This is the first year I’ve had them, I ordered a mix and I must have known what they were when I planted them because I had the pale blue ones on one side of the garden and these dark purple ones on the other side. The blue bloomed in June and these just bloomed last week. I love the way the look, like little pops of color.

I don’t plant tomatoes mostly because our dog can’t resist that plants. Something about the smell I guess. He destroyed them entirely a few years ago and apparently they are poisonous to dogs. He’s pretty hardy though, and even when he ate a ton of dark chocolate once he survived. Although I’m not saying it was pretty.

July 28, Friday – Plant bare areas of gardens

I have filled in the bare areas and actually need to do some dividing and weeding.

July 29, Saturday – Prune boxwoods

No boxwoods in sight. Nothing to prune in fact, so I did some deadheading instead. I also just remembered that I forgot to harvest the garlic yet again. Soon.

This week’s tip from Martha: Trimming boxwoods. 

This is for future me, when I have a more formal yard, complete with boxwoods.