August 1, Tuesday – Go for a boat ride

I don’t really like boat rides. I know people who like to sail and frankly you would think that living near the ocean I’d be flooded with invitations to go out on boats that I would constantly have to politely decline, but that’s not the case. My husband would like a sail boat, and every now and then brings that up, but I’d be much happier with the VW bus he also imagines owning someday.

August 2, Wednesday – Cut lilies for arrangements

I guess this is as good a time as any to admit a horrifying gardening error. Last fall, in a very Martha-like moment, I planned ahead for this summer’s day lily blooms. I have many common orange day lilies, which I remove like weeds at this point, and some dark red day lilies, which I would like to encourage to take over. So I removed all the orange day lilies, leaving only the red.

Except I didn’t. Lo and behold, what do I see this summer? Orange. Tall, bright, orange day lilies dotting the back border of my garden, with not a single red day lily in sight.

August 3, Thursday – Dinner with family and friends (it’s Martha’s birthday!)

In honor of Martha’s birthday I defrosted a piece of the patriotic cake from July 4, and lit a candle.


August 4, Friday – Make ice cream and sorbets

Making ice cream is really my husband’s department. We own an ice cream maker, it requires a lot of advance planning, which somehow did not happen. I’m not really a big fan of ice cream, although I do like it now and then. And I make an annual trip to DQ for a peanut buster parfait.

Back to the topic of boats, the Tall Ships are visiting Portland this weekend and Jim and I made a spontaneous decision to drive over to Bug Light just in time to see the Coast Guard The Eagle heading in to Portland. It was a really cool sight.

August 5, Saturday – Go for a hike in Acadia National Park

I wonder if Martha went on this hike. It was cloudy and muggy this morning, and there was a threat of thunderstorms almost all day. It finally began to rain around 7 p.m. but she would have been done with her hike by then.

I spent a large part of the day hiking up and down the basement stairs, gathering stuff for a yard sale and for Goodwill. In the process I discovered a few things I wanted to keep and set up in the house, which is the opposite of what I was intending to do.

This week’s tip from Martha – Hiking in Acadia