Sunday, August 6 – Harvest figs

A few years ago I talked to a Maine fig tree owner about the possibility of planting fig trees in my office window. It was a large retail window, and got a blast of sunshine from early morning on, I think until about 2. The plants I had there had to be rotated in the summer or moved further back in the office entirely to avoid blistering in the sun. Ultimately we decided that fig trees would not be happy there, mostly because I had no way of getting them outside in the summer and it would be far too intense in the window. He wheels his fig trees out from his garage in the spring and returns them to the garage in late fall. I have heard that he gets figs but I can’t personally vouch for them, or when he harvests them.

Monday, August 7 – Plant autumn cabbages

What is an autumn cabbage? Is it one of those ornamental cabbages that I see in the fall that turn purple? Or is this a reminder to plant cabbages that will be harvested in the fall? Such a dilemma. Too much to contemplate so I did nothing about planting.

I did however take a quick trip to Westbrook for some fabulous poke and a tour of the Black Dinah Chocolate factory (and of course, some chocolate!)

Tuesday, August 8 – Horseback ride

We all know how this ends.

Wednesday, August 9 – Pick rosemary; gather in bunches to dry

Today I finally remembered to harvest my garlic.



I’m passing along what I’ve learned about garlic:

  • You can’t leave it for a few years and see what happens unless you are ok with it splitting into smaller and smaller heads leaving you with nothing worthwhile
  • It’s best to plant garlic in a row so you know where it is
  • You should put stakes in the garden when the leaves begin to yellow so you can find it if you wait a while to harvest it

I don’t have any rosemary growing in the garden but based on my success with the garlic perhaps that’s a good thing.

Thursday, August 10 – Walk in garden

Sometimes walking in my garden is very depressing. It’s like looking at a list of “to-dos” that has no beginning or end. Today was one of those days. Once September arrives, with cooler air, I’ll probably be re-energized and get to some of the things I meant to do this summer (move the hydrangeas that are underperforming, clear space around the blueberry bushes, build that raised bed so I don’t have any excuses for not planting vegetables next summer, etc. etc.).

Friday, August 11 – Plant collards and kale

See above. I already felt guilty. Boy can Martha rub it in.

Saturday, August 12 – Friends of Acadia annual benefit

While Martha dined (likely) on lobster we had black pepper grilled shrimp and the best green beans I’ve ever eaten. All I did was put them on the grill in a cast iron skillet with some butter and salt. They were caramelized and truly amazing. I hope I can make them taste this good again.

This week’s tip from Martha: Liberty of London-styled eggs

Apparently Liberty of London and Anthropologie have partnered on a line of items and it inspired this idea for egg decorating. I will not be making these eggs. I do love some of the collection though (this armchair and these sheets in particular) but not as much as this Dolce & Gabbana SMEG mixer. And the toaster in red. The juicer is pretty nice too. And is that an electric kettle?