Sunday, August 27 – Weed and groom herb gardens

I didn’t really get much weeding done. Our daughter is heading back to school in a week and we spent some time going through her room getting rid of things, which is a lot like weeding actually now that I think of it.

Monday, August 28 – Bring fresh eggs to the office

As you know, we don’t have chickens. There is nothing better than fresh eggs though, and every now and then I’m tempted to get chickens. But then I remember winter, and foxes, and hawks and raccoons. I think I’ll stick to my current egg buying routine which involves keeping money in the car at all times, just in case the “open” flag is waving, at which point I make a sharp right and go buy as many eggs as I can.

Tuesday, August 29 – Pick eggplants and peppers

This is a difficult Martha week. I see tomorrow I’m harvesting melons. I don’t have eggplants, peppers or melons. I do have zinnias, so I picked some more. They are very cheerful, and one of my favorite flowers. I love that they bloom so brightly in late summer. I also love the fall blooming anemone, and the hydrangeas with their pink tinge. I think they look beautiful in the arrangement above with the artemisia.


Wednesday, August 30 – Harvest melons

See above.

Thursday, August 31 – Remove spent annuals from gardens

I don’t have any spent annuals. Most of my garden is perennial. I did do some cutting back though and if September is warm I might get an additional bloom on a few plants.

Friday, September 1 – Place final fall bulb order

I don’t think I’ll order any bulbs this year. My daffodils have largely disappeared even though I planted bulbs that would naturalize. I do have lots of tulips, they look great in the spring. I planted a bunch last fall, along with some giant allium. I need to move the alliums closer to the front of the bed, we had a lot of early rain and the peonies crowded them so much I could hardly see them. I put tongue depressors in the garden marking where the alliums are so that in a few weeks I can move them. That feels organized in an appropriately Martha manner.

Saturday, September 2 – Trim hornbeam hedge Swim with the grandchildren

We spent today driving our daughter to school and back, so no trimming or swimming for us.

This week’s tip from Martha: Sculpting a hornbeam hedge