Sunday, September 3 – Prep for holiday barbecue

Today I took advantage of the cool morning and the forecast for rain in the afternoon and had a thoroughly Martha-like garden session. I dug out a large common spirea and then moved three small, sad hydrangeas. One I placed where the spirea had been, and the other two I decided would look best in front of a large hydrangea in the back yard, which meant I had to move the two hostas that were in front of it. This large hydrangea lost so many branches last winter that the hosta was in sad shape from getting too much sun, so they had to be moved anyway. All in all it was very satisfying, there is something so nice about moving things around and realizing they are in the right spots. Even better – just as I was patting the dirt around the last hydrangea the rain began. It was a lovely rain too, very steady. It’s still raining in fact.

Then I went inside and got the chicken ready for tomorrow, it sits in a blend of spices overnight.

Monday, September 4 – Host barbecue for family and friends

Today was bright and sunny. We went to the beach, which was packed despite the brisk breeze and the yellow-red warning for the water, indicating powerful waves and rip tides. I did not go in, and we only stayed long enough to have our first, and last, Mainely Burger of the season.

Then fried chicken for dinner. The recipe calls for frying it in peanut oil, which I’ve never done before, but I remembered I had some so tried it and was surprised to discover it did taste different. At least, we think it did. It might even have been better than it usually is, and it’s always good.

Tuesday, September 5 – Refill bird feeders

No bird feeders. I picked some more zinnias today, they are on my desk.

Wednesday, September 6 – Attend the Fashion Institute of Technology’s award luncheon in NYC honoring Thom Browne

I wish I had thought of dressing up today in honor of the occasion, but I didn’t. I have to say, I didn’t know Thom Browne, so I looked up his stuff, and check out this zany $2,000 cashmere sweater. That’s the back in case you can’t tell by the fact that you are looking at a butt.

Screen Shot 2017-09-10 at 8.00.01 PM

A lot of his clothing is blocky, and it’s all skinny cut, so not a fit for my husband. Well, it’s not a fit for him for many reasons to be honest. There’s this too, neoprene, $5,100. My husband likes this one, so maybe he would wear Thom Browne after all.

Screen Shot 2017-09-10 at 8.02.25 PMScreen Shot 2017-09-10 at 8.02.48 PM

Thursday, September 7 – Harvest and preserve tomatoes

If I had tomatoes I think I’d roast them and freeze them.

Friday, September 8 – Pull faded annuals from flower beds

I had a few too many meetings (and a fun lunch with a friend and then a gin tasting at Hardshore Distilling at 4:30) to get out into the garden today, but that’s ok because I did so much gardening last Sunday. I also have very few annuals, just the zinnias and those hyacinth beans really.

Saturday, September 9 – Go for a horseback ride

Today I made bread for the first time since June I think. It smelled amazing and I really love the way it feels when I’m kneading the dough. It felt good to do it again.

I also made a batch of chocolate truffles for dinner tonight for friends. I’ve never made them before and followed Julia Child’s instructions, but substituted Grand Marnier for the rum. Her instructions were a bit vague, suggesting we either use less cream or more chocolate to make a stiffer ganache, so I added less cream and more chocolate, but still had something that was very soft. I had to coat my hands in cocoa powder in order to roll them. They taste delicious though!


This week’s tip from Martha: bittersweet chocolate truffles

I’ll make this recipe next time, and still add the Grand Marnier.