Sunday, September 10 – Celebrate Mehregan harvest festival at Untermyer Gardens in Yonkers, NY

Today started with a trip to Holy Donut for 1/2 dozen, which is like a celebration in our household, just not harvest or garden related.

Monday, September 11 – Vacuum all heating ducts in houses

I vacuumed yesterday and I always vacuum the heating things but do not know where our heating ducts are, or if we have any. I guess we must. Maybe they are attached to the furnace? Hopefully that was taken care of when we had our annual furnace cleaning and inspection. I also am the owner of just a single house, so am relieved of the task of vacuuming multiple houses. Of course, just between you and me, I don’t think Martha vacuums her own house(s).

Tuesday, September 12 – Arrange for chimney to be swept and inspected

Our chimney probably should be inspected and cleaned, this is a good reminder. It shares the furnace and gas insert, and although we get the furnace inspected annually (see above) no one has asked about the health of the chimney. I’ll make a note.

Wednesday, September 13 – Pick basil and make pesto

I am going to share a secret: I’m tired of pesto. I don’t want to make any, I don’t want to freeze any, I don’t want to eat any.

Thursday, September 14 – Plant spinach, kale and chard in cold frames for winter

We don’t have cold frames. I feel like this week is the “do the opposite of what Martha suggests” week.

Friday, September 15 – Air out down comforters and pillows

Our daughter is the only one to have a true winter weight comforter that would require an airing-out. The rest of us use our comforters almost year-round, and they aren’t really the kind that need to air out. This reminds me though that I would very much like a new comforter, the one we have has an odd outer layer that seems to create static electricity. When I try to put the duvet cover on I can actually see sparks (if it’s dark). As a result, it bunches up. I think it’s a feather-free all man-made comforter.

Saturday, September 16 – Pick hot peppers and string them for drying

No hot peppers in our garden but we did order 5 yds of compost for delivery, which meant that today we spent several hours spreading out compost — and we built a raised bed!! I’ll take a picture tomorrow.

This week’s tip from Martha: Pickled hot cherry peppers

I love hot cherry peppers with a chunk of prosciutto-wrapped provolone. It’s one of my favorite snacks, spicy, salty, great texture, a little bit juicy.