Sunday, September 17 – Rake first fall leaves

The leaves aren’t falling just yet, I’m surprised Martha’s are falling so early. Acorns, however, are falling and sometimes I can hear them bouncing on our neighbor’s driveway.  Last year was a banner year for acorns. I can’t remember what that means according to the Almanac but I know it means something. I guess I should look so I can see if it was accurate.

We spent most of the day today moving a lot more compost but everything looks amazing. I put an heirloom strawberry plant in the new raised bed and next week I’ll plant garlic, which means, yes, next year I’ll be able to harvest my scapes and garlic with ease! Plus, according to MyFitnessPal, I burned an astounding 972 calories. I should do this every weekend.

Monday, September 18 – Bring fresh eggs to the office

No chickens, no eggs, no office.

Tuesday, September 19 – Appear on QVC

No QVC visit for me. I did read about someone local preparing to go on QVC, Cape Whoopies. They are preparing 26,000 whoopie pies for December. I don’t even know how they are managing that, where are they storing them?

Wednesday, September 20 – Clean moldings and baseboards

Tonight was the start of Rosh Hashanah so today I: baked challah, honeycake and teiglach, marinated the chicken to roast for dinner, made the beds and cleaned. I think that has the moldings and baseboards beat. Of course, it was such a whirlwind of activity I took no pictures, which may or may not mean it never happened. Oh, I also set the table and picked fresh flowers for the table.

Thursday, September 21 – Plant trees

I did not plant any trees, my garden has no room for trees. Well, not much room.

Friday, September 22 – Organize closets, switch out summer for winter clothes

Usually I’m right on this, and probably would have done this last week but it’s been warm and I saw a forecast for 80 degree weather this weekend (!) so I’m not ready to pack away the summer clothing and bring out the winter clothing.

I do love to take winter stuff out of storage though. Ever since I was a teenager I’ve loved fall fashion – wool sweaters! jackets! tweed! Many things I don’t really wear! It is fun to see clothing I haven’t seen in a while, even if it isn’t all tweed and whatnot.

Saturday, September 23 – Go for a horseback ride


This week’s tip from Martha: How to pack a suitcase

Oddly enough I could only find tips from Martha for storing your winter clothing, but then I came across this video. It starts with packing a garment bag, which is an entirely different style of travel.