Sunday, October 1 – Host and appear at USA Today Network Food & Wine Experience in Ventura, California

Wow, this sounds great. I, however, decided to stay home and make cookies. I’ve been waiting for the right day to make Martha’s Mexican Hot Chocolate Cookies and today was finally the right temperature and I had the ingredients. They are DELICIOUS.

Earlier today I had an odd experience at Goodwill. I like to check the dishes and look for vintage glasses (martini and Champagne in particular) and today there was a gorgeous plate with a bamboo pattern (Noritake Canton) that caught my eye. I noticed there were in fact many pieces with this pattern, and began to gather them. My husband spotted me balancing plates, bowls and even dessert bowls – and calmly asked if he should get a cart. Which he did. I put all the dishes in the cart and began to count. Just then, a woman turns up saying “I was coming back for these” to which another woman in the aisle said “Well, you’re too late.” By the way, the woman didn’t mean “I was coming back” as in “I just went to get a cart” because she didn’t have a cart. She meant she was returning to the store for them. It got weirder, the woman who wanted the dishes then began to tell us a sob story about a sick kid at home while pointing out to me that I had A LOT of dishes in my cart, surely I didn’t need them all? I don’t know how Martha would have handled the situation but I decided to keep a set of eight and turn back the rest, asking her if she needed the pieces to finish a set, but when she said no, I changed my mind and kept enough for a set of 10, turning back a few bowls and walking away. I think that Martha, as a collector, would have kept them all to tell you the truth. By the way, my husband went back the next day and bought the bowls which clearly the woman didn’t want, and found a few bread plates too. Here is a picture of one of the bowls:


On another note, I see that this month’s calendar in the magazine is in a larger font with fewer lines. Very nice and easy to read for those of us trying to follow along.

Monday, October 2 – Turn compost piles

I don’t know if we’ve discussed the embarrassment that is my compost pile, but I believe we have.

Tuesday, October 3 – Have chimneys cleaned and inspected

I have made a resolution. I will wash the windows this weekend. We haven’t washed them the entire time we’ve lived in this house.

Our son went to the dentist today, that’s not unlike have a chimney cleaned and inspected.

Wednesday, October 4 – Keynote appearance at the Event Planner Expo in NYC

We had a new client meeting today, that’s a little like making a keynote appearance.

Thursday, October 5 – Sharpen knives

We do own a knife sharpener, and use it occasionally. It’s a nice idea, to have a day dedicated to the task. Maybe I’ll do it this weekend.

I made zucchini bread, using a recipe that Martha shared from a reader (I’m guessing. Definitely it’s someone else, named Mary Bodor). It tastes a lot like gingerbread, it’s really good.

Friday, October 6 – Dig up and divide hostas

This is a tough task. I don’t need to divide my hostas but know from experience that it’s really hard work. I transplanted two hostas a few weeks ago because they were getting too much sun (actually I think I mentioned this already) and that’s the extent of this fall’s hosta plans.

Saturday, October 7 – USA Today Network Food & Wine Experience, featuring Martha Stewart experts, in Indianapolis

Today we went to a vintage bazaar. It was cute, but really for people who like to buy their vintage goods already repurposed, which isn’t really our style. Still, we had fun, and I purchased a cookie cutter shaped like a lion, which is pretty awesome.

This week’s tip from Martha: Bargain at a flea market

As far as I can tell, Martha does not have any specific advice for my situation earlier this week.