Sunday, October 15 – Prepare chicken coops for winter; install heat lamps

Well, we don’t have chickens. Or heat lamps. But if we did, I’d be all over this task.

We had chickens growing up and I remember my father going outside in the winter to make sure they had water, it would freeze overnight. I never once thought “when I grow up I’m going to do that.”

Monday, October 16 – Martha and Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party Season 2 premiere

I caught a few episodes last season, it was such an odd show. Funny, and odd. It’s on late though so I think I only watched reruns.

I remembered that earlier this month Martha suggested we clean our stainless steel appliances with white vinegar, so I did this today. It did get the stainless clean (I should do it again soon to get it really clean) but it didn’t smell as nice as that spray stainless cleaner. I had to remind myself that this is much better for the environment and it costs considerably less.

Tuesday, October 17  – Dylan’s Candy Bar Sweet 16 Celebration; my candy mosaic installation revealed

I toyed with the idea of making my own candy mosaic but the initial enthusiasm for this task waned, and instead I did nothing.

Maybe I’ll revisit this, it sounds like fun. Or perhaps I’ll introduce it as a Christmas activity instead of the gingerbread house kit competition.

Wednesday, October 18 – Have horses reshoed, QVC appearance

My parents visited this evening, we went out for a great Chinese dinner. It was almost a banquet, we ordered so much. I’m sorry to report this pre-empted my QVC debut.

Friday, October 20 – Pick quinces; make into jam

Did not do this.

I’ve been working to promote Maine’s food and wine event Harvest on the Harbor and today was the Lobster Chef of the Year Competition, which meant nine courses of lobster, eight competitive chefs, lots of happy guests. I hung out a lot in the kitchen, there was a live remote noon news broadcast which was fun to help with. Plus I got to snack on the dishes and when the event was over I did not refuse the offer of some extra lobster to take home for dinner.

Saturday, October 21 – USA Today Network’s Food & Wine Experience, featuring Martha Stewart experts in Louisville, Kentucky

First thing today was the Market on the Harbor, which is just like the USA Today Network’s Food & Wine experience except I’m sure it’s totally different. While I worked I got to indulge in two of my favorite things: caviar (American Spoonbill) and prosecco.

Later we caught up with a task from last week (and by we I mean my husband); he cleaned the gutters and caulked on the exterior of the house in a few spots, so mission accomplished.

We also took the dog for a long walk to make up for all those early morning horseback rides I skipped. It was a gorgeous afternoon.


This week’s tip from Martha: Dylan’s Candy Bar mosaic

Now that I’ve seen this I’ll just share with you that I had not imagined anything so complicated, or pretty.