Sunday, October 22 – Decorate house for Halloween, QVC appearance

Today was a busy day but I didn’t do any Halloween decorating. The decorating will largely consist of pumpkins, and we don’t want them to rot before Halloween so will likely get around to this a bit closer to the end of the month.

I read a tip (on Food52) about carving pumpkins using a drill, which sounds both fast and satisfying, so I’m definitely planning to give that a try.

Monday, October 23 – Plant garlic, QVC appearance

I beat Martha to it for once, I planted garlic in the middle of the month. I noticed that you’re supposed to plant garlic 4 weeks before frost so I’m a little worried that I was too late, but I’ll hope for the best. I planted two straight rows of little cloves in our new raised bed. I’m excited to see them come up next spring.

Tuesday, October 24 – Rake and collect fallen leaves for compost

The leaves aren’t really falling yet, it’s been bizarrely warm.

Wednesday, October 25 – Cut back perennials

I like to leave most of our perennials up through the winter, they make nice mounds in the snow. I also always wait until the first frost has caused plants to wilt (or turn black, that’s pretty ugly too) and then I cut them back. So far I’m in good shape and haven’t needed to do a thing. The zinnias look incredible and are continuing to bloom profusely. I’m definitely planting them again next summer.

Thursday, October 26 – Harvest pumpkins and winter squash

I think we’ll go get pumpkins this weekend.

Friday, October 27 – Plant bulbs

I decided not to plant any this year. I could plant a new round of daffodils and maybe will next fall. About 5 years ago I planted over 100 and I thought they said they would naturalize, but they have not and I remember being disappointed by the number I saw in the spring. It’s possible they don’t really get enough light later in the spring – and it’s also possible that I don’t give them bulb fertilizer when I should.

Saturday, October 28 – USA Today Network Food & Wine Experience, featuring Martha Stewart experts, in Green Bay, Wisconsin

Today we went out to get pumpkins – and ran a few other errands. It was a kind of scavenger hunt in fact. I had heard about a latte that I wanted to try, so I’ll start by telling you about the cinnamon honey latte I had, which was so incredible that I’m actually glad I don’t live near the cafe or I’d be there all the time, hopped up on honey and caffeine. Yes it was sweet, but boy was it delicious.

Other stops included a stop so I could take a picture of a sign I’d spotted the other day:


and for a breakfast sandwich at a cafe where I wanted to get a picture of their ghost family cupcakes for Eat Drink Lucky.


Turns out that driving around planning stops to eat and photograph is a great way to spend a day.

This week’s tip from Martha: Pumpkin carving and decorating ideas