Sunday, October 29 – Pumpkin carving with Jude and Truman

We carved a few of the pumpkins today and I roasted pumpkin seeds. I tried the method of “carving” that I mentioned a few days ago – and used a drill. It was incredible. First of all, the polka dotted pumpkins are very cute, second of all, it was the fastest pumpkin decorating ever.

We also discovered that the white pumpkin glows orange with the candle inside. It’s beautiful. Next year we’ll get more white pumpkins.


In honor of my birthday today I made myself an ugly cake. It didn’t start out that way; the layers sunk and the caramel that I was supposed to “pour” over the cake was stiff, and I had to add extra water to get it to be spreadable, and it then made the sunken cake look even worse. It tastes great, but is really ugly. The recipe had cheerfully assured me that I could ice the layers on a rack and then transfer it to a cake stand using two spatulas. That’s a boldfaced lie.


Monday, October 30 – Speak at Know Your Value conference

A severe windstorm knocked out power of thousands of homes in Maine, more than the Great Ice Storm of 1990-something. Fortunately it’s not too cold.

Tuesday, October 31 – Halloween

Power came back on shortly after I emptied out our freezer to store the food at a friend’s house. No Halloween tonight, many houses are still without power and power lines are down all over the place, due to the many trees that fell in the storm.

November 1 – Participate in Adweek’s Elevate

Still playing catch up really. Everything got a bit messed up this week from two days of no power, it’s really a significant disruption and I can’t imagine what it’s been like in Puerto Rico, where they’ve already been out of power for weeks now.

November 2 – Continue planting spring-blooming bulbs

We discussed this last week and I haven’t changed my mind. This does remind me though that I need to band the cherry trees this month.

November 4 – Host and appear at USA Today Network Food & Wine Experience in Scottsdale, AZ

Today I made another cake for my mother’s birthday, my parents are visiting for the night and we are celebrating joint birthdays. This cake is not ugly.

Tonight is also Halloween for the town now that everyone has power back. I wonder if we’ll get a ton of kids, the neighbors have an extreme Halloween set up in their yard, complete with skeletons coming out of the earth, gravestones, coffins, lights flashing in the bushes and more.

This week’s tip from Martha: Homemade Halloween costumes for adults.

I love the swamp couple, the Madame Butterfly, the jellyfish… maybe next year.