November 5 – Plant vegetables in greenhouse

Today instead of planting vegetables in the greenhouse I freaked myself out a bit by reading my mail. My friendly reminder to renew our healthcare plan pointed out that the plan we currently have, which costs $1,362.91 a month, will be $2,224.36 a month next year, so there’s that.

November 6 – Order heritage turkeys for Thanksgiving

I usually get a turkey at Whole Foods. That way I can continue to procrastinate while mentally composing the menu (which let’s be honest is pretty much the same year to year no matter what the magazines suggest for new roasting methods and untraditional sides).

November 7 – Today show appearance

I won’t be on camera but I did finalize plans to have a local TV show visit a chef for a cooking demo later this week.

November 8 – Rake and collect fallen leaves for compost

There are several schools of thought when it comes to raking leaves. You could rake multiple times, or you could wait for them all to fall and rake once. We wait for all of them to fall. If we’re lucky we get to them before it rains so they are still light. We then rake onto a large tarp and shove them all into the back of the Subaru, packing it to the roof. It takes several trips but it’s done in a day (usually).

November 9 – Fall pruning

I’m not planning to prune anything really. I’m not sure what I would prune right now, the only trees we prune are the cherry trees and they are supposed to be pruned in the winter.

We’re going to a friend’s place for dinner tomorrow evening so I’m making Crack Pie, it needs to rest overnight. Right now the cookie part is in the oven. It’s fun, you make the cookie and then crumble it to make the crust.

November 10 – QVC appearance

So I over baked the pie. I’m not sure how I lost track of time, but it is simply too dark to take to our friend’s house. Which means I made yet another dessert. This time I made peanut butter Swiss rolls. This recipe had its more than fair share of issues, similar to the caramel cake last week. For starters the recipe states “Liberally grease a large rimmed baking sheet with baking spray. Line the sheet with parchment paper and liberally grease the paper.
” What is a large baking sheet? And you know what, it should have suggested I flour it in addition to greasing it because when the time came to remove the parchment from the back of the cake (“it will be sticky” the recipe said) I actually tore holes in some of the cake. Thank goodness at the cooking demo yesterday the chef demonstrated rolling up his tuna in batter using parchment paper because it meant that when the recipe next instructed me to cut the cake into four rectangles (also almost impossible, it tore even more), add the peanut butter butter cream and roll it up I realized I’d have better luck if I cut up the parchment it was resting on and used that to roll it up. Fortunately that worked, and it was then dipped in melted chocolate anyway, so although not perfect it looked pretty good.

November 11 – Horseback ride

The peanut butter rolls were a hit but I will never make that recipe again. They weren’t peanut-buttery enough for me either. I might use a different cake recipe I have for the base, and a different filling, and try a version of the recipe, but I definitely won’t make that one again. The picture is of a few that were leftover, I meant to take a picture of the pretty ones I took to dinner.

We took the dog for a walk today, it was brisk but nice.


This week’s tip from Martha: Pruning houseplants

It turns out that you should do a hard prune on houseplants in the spring and perhaps the fall. That I can do.