Sunday, November 12 – Rub wooden cutting boards with mineral oil

I’m not sure that we have mineral oil. I don’t think we have the right kind of cutting board anyway, this sounds like something you would do to butcher’s block. I have some small bamboo cutting boards which are supposed to be treated with something but I can’t remember what, and have never treated them with anything, so I guess you could say I’m mistreating them instead. Maybe I’ll look around for some mineral oil, it sounds like a very soothing task.

I cleaned the stainless steel appliances with distilled vinegar again because that was a great kitchen hint – and then I went after the glass in the oven, it’s caked with grime. I followed the suggestion (maybe from Martha) of making a baking soda paste and it got some of it off, but not all. So I did the baking soda paste a second time, and then I tried Soft Scrub, and then more baking soda paste. Now you can see through the glass but it’s still  not completely clean.

I think I’m picking up some good Martha habits.

Monday, November 13 – Glamour Women of the Year Awards

Was Martha going to receive an award? Or just attend?

Tonight I attended a local salon and we discussed, among other things, whether or not Maine (and Mainers) believe it is worthy of mediocrity only, and therefore willing to accept less. This topic was probably about as far as you can get from an awards ceremony.

Tuesday, November 14 – Make and freeze pastry for holiday baking

So many questions about this task. What kind of pastry? What kind of holiday baking? Is this for Christmas and New Year’s Eve? Or Thanksgiving? Or all three holidays perhaps?

I had a 3D mammogram today, splurging on myself by spending the additional $130 or so more than the “regular” — since I was there for them to examine something that didn’t show up on the last mammogram I figured it was worth it. But this is again one of those times where US healthcare is bizarre. I’m sure the 3D mammogram is better, they say they can see everything more clearly, and yet healthcare benefits don’t cover it. They also don’t cover “diagnostic” mammograms, which doesn’t make sense either. I’ll let that sink in a bit. They don’t cover diagnostic mammograms, only routine mammograms. That almost makes sense.

I’ll just say it’s not as much fun getting a mammogram like this as oh perhaps spending a night in NYC would have been, and it’s about the same price. Anyhoo, they told me it’s nothing, likely scar tissue and I get to go back again in May.

Wednesday, November 15 – QVC appearance

Nope, I wasn’t on TV today and I didn’t look to see when Martha was on, but that might have been fun to watch. Maybe next time.

Thursday, November 16 – Winterize vehicles

This is a good reminder that we need to schedule appointments for snow tires, so thank you Martha. That said, the darkness the last few days has made me so sleepy, and cold. Sometimes I think I can’t handle the winter at all, and am afraid of it. It’s always worse after daylight savings. I’m hosting mah jong tonight, that should help.

Friday, November 17 – Polish silver

I might do this over the weekend, it would be good to do before Thanksgiving, and it’s a nice task too. Or maybe I’ll save it for when our daughter is home and have her do it….

Today I met a friend for lunch, we dined on the bento boxes at Miyake, which is truly a great way to treat yourself (and a better splurge than the mammogram). It’s six delicious small dishes in a box, preceded by miso soup, and there is something so joyful about the presentation that everything is suddenly fun.

Saturday, November 18 – Plan Thanksgiving menu

Ha! I’m ahead on this one, I outlined the menu last night, and created a grocery list. In case you were wondering, here is this year’s menu:

  • Turkey (I use an old Gourmet Mag recipe, it’s fast and simple, and tasty, cooks at something crazy like 400)
  • Duchess potatoes
  • Sweet potatoes with marshmallows
  • Two kinds of stuffing (Pepperidge Farm & one with sausage & apricots, thanks to my mom)
  • Spinach with cream cheese and sage croutons (I used to think this was my aunt’s recipe because I first had it at her house but it turns out it was my grandmother’s)
  • Cranberry sauce (TBD, either with oranges or with ginger, like a chutney, my mother is making it) plus canned cranberry sauce
  • Gravy (of course)
  • Pie: apple (my mom), sour cherry,  chocolate (our son requested but this means no pumpkin because there are only six of this and three pies is already horrifying)

Thanksgiving morning at our house starts with oysters and champagne and a small party. Plus some cheese, crackers and prosciutto etc. It’s pretty awesome.

This week’s tip from Martha: Martha’s Ultimate Thanksgiving Menu

Maybe next year!