Sunday, November 19 – Harvest last celeriacs and parsnips

I Martha-Stewarted the hell out of today. We started with brunch, which was followed by a quick trip to the hardware store for some spray paint for the shelves for my salt & pepper collection. I selected navy, I think it will look good against the soon to be new white paint in the dining/living room (going to get it done before Thanksgiving!)

Then I went to the grocery store, which was not as insane as I thought it might be given that it is the Sunday before Thanksgiving.


  • First coat of navy on the shelves
  • Made the miso sauce for the salmon ginger cakes that I’m making for dinner
  • Second coat of navy
  • Banded the trees against winter moths
  • Made the salmon cakes and put in the fridge
  • Made the butter pie dough for two Thanksgiving pies, popped in the freezer
  • Laundry in between some of these things

I’m now having a martini, and am looking forward to cooking dinner in a bit.

I have to go back to the banding of the trees against the winter moths because it was like a comedy skit. I had trouble finding the wrap and the goop. Then, once I found it (it turns out to be crinkled cardboard and a separate jar of resin essentially) I had the joy of wrapping the lower limbs of my cherry trees. Let’s just say that it pretty much looks like crepe paper and super glue out there and that if you can imagine applying crepe paper with a spatula of super glue you’ll understand what it was like.

Somehow everyone else has wrap on their trees that looks like sticky cling wrap, which looks infinitely easier.

I don’t have any celeriacs or parsnip to harvest but I have made a note to check about growing celeriac next year. I love it, and would love to grow my own.

Monday, November 20 – QVC appearance

I missed it again. What is she selling?

Touched up the shelves and my husband put another coat of paint on the living room walls.

Tuesday, November 21 – Donate canned goods to local food pantry

Sometimes I remember to drop a can in to the box that is stationed in a local grocery store, and if the school hosts a canned food drive I always contribute – but I’m not great about remembering otherwise. My husband sort of makes up for my ineptitude by volunteering somewhat regularly by preparing food at a homeless shelter.

On a separate note, we hung up the shelves and put furniture back in place!

Wednesday, November 22 – Bake pies

Done. I made the sour cherry and chocolate pies today. I also made the potatoes, and got the spinach ready, and remembered to take the rolls out of the freezer. Oh I also started the turkey stock, and unwrapped the turkey to air chill in the fridge. Plus we cleaned like mad, getting the house ready for guests and our annual party.

Then for fun this evening we put all the salt and pepper shakers back in place. They look great!

Thursday, November 23 – Thanksgiving with family and friends

This morning started with oysters and bubbly. It’s really such a great party, people are always so happy and it’s fun to sip on bubbly at 11 a.m. while slurping on fresh oysters.

Then the cooking began, but it really was pretty easy. I have to admit though, I was tired at the end of the day (and am writing this after the fact). The evening concluded with High Society, which my parents both love; we watched it together. It was a nice day, if tiring. The party is the best part for sure.

Friday, November 24 – Make dinner with Thanksgiving leftovers

This is so obvious, right? Everybody has leftovers the next day(s). To be honest, I had leftovers for lunch and then had leftover tacos from the pork I slow cooked with oranges and beer on Wednesday… Yum.

Saturday, November 25 – Horseback ride

Today we raked. Remember I mentioned that we wait and do it all in one go? Today was the day. And I was tired, and grumpy, but we got through it. Also, my neighbor’s daughter offered me some daffodil bulbs from the 300 that she had ordered for my neighbor. She gave me about 18-20, I can’t quite remember, but I planted them in three holes. I’m pretty excited to see what will come up in the spring and have positioned them so I’ll see them from the kitchen window when I’m doing the dishes.

There were no horses involved in today’s activities.

This week’s tip from Martha: Easy Thanksgiving Leftovers.