Sunday, November 26 – Go for morning hike with Jude and Truman

First of all, I know it’s past Thanksgiving but I forgot to share this picture of the incredible Turkey patterned crust my husband created for the sour cherry pie (from our trees!) for Thanksgiving.

Now back to today. I meant to go to they gym, I swear I talked about it yesterday, but it didn’t happen. My son and I had appointments for eye exams this morning, and I find if I don’t go to the gym in the morning I generally don’t go at all. But about that appointment. It was the first for me in over 20 years, and the first ever for my son. Turns out my eyes are still fine, I could get reading glasses at 1.5 but it’s up to me (although the eye doctor admitted I wasn’t likely to be a good candidate because when he was adjusting the focus I said it made me feel a bit odd which is code for queasy). As for our son, well, he walked out of there feeling pretty good after having been told that his eye sight is good enough to be a military jet pilot – and he was almost 20/10, which apparently is pretty great. So it turns out that the visit to the eye doctor was fun, and for once something that our son first grumbled about turned out to be something he got a kick out of.

Then this afternoon I met a friend for a speed round of wine tasting and food pairings at Portland’s Cellardoor Winery. It was great fun but definitely not like a hike.

Monday, November 27 – Start wrapping shrubs and boxwoods in burlap

Today was a whirlwind of meetings. I did take a few minutes to inspect the tree banding (still looks like crepe paper and super glue) and was happy to see a handful of moths already stuck in the goop. I wish of course that we didn’t even have the moths, but am glad to be doing my part to reduce the number crawling up into the trees.

We don’t have any shrubs or boxwoods but I should get the plant pots from this summer off the porch….

Tuesday, November 28 – Stock firewood

We have a gas fireplace insert and an outdoor fire pit. No firewood to stock.

Wednesday, November 29 – Deep-clean oven

I think I’m a little bit ahead on this one because I cleaned the stove window the other day – but probably it is a good idea to get the oven clean before all the holiday baking begins.

I was thinking earlier about what I might make this year, I think I’ll make chocolate covered marzipan, and maybe some chocolate truffles with Grand Marnier like the ones earlier this year, and then I saw a crazy cool loaf of bread, like a twisted brioche, with chocolate – it wasn’t babka and was in the cookbook Jerusalem. Looked really good. Plus of course the usual cookies. I’ll think about the menu soon too. So yes, cleaning the oven, that would be good.

Tonight was Ladies’ Night at the hardware store. Now you wouldn’t think that would be a hit but it was PACKED. There was wine, and hors d’oeuvres, and discounts, and a manicure station. Lines of women (and men) buying all kinds of things. It was amazing and I did get a few gifts while I was there.

Thursday, November 30 – Update contacts for holiday cards

There was a time, long ago, when we sent out holiday cards but then I got tired of doing it and indeed, I’ve noticed the number of cards that come in has diminished over time. That doesn’t mean I’ll send them out this year either. I wonder how many cards Martha Stewart sends out. Perhaps she has tiers of contacts, personal friends with signed cards all the way down to cards she has sent out on her behalf, unsigned?

Friday, December 1 – Collect newspapers and pinecones for kindling

This would be very easy for us to do, we get the newspaper every day so it piles up pretty quickly, and although I haven’t looked I bet pinecones are on the ground somewhere in our neighborhood. But with no fireplace or wood stove, I don’t want to just hoard things.

Saturday, December 2 – Continue shopping for presents, go for a horseback ride

We picked up a gift today while we were out running errands, and I think it’s a pretty awesome gift too, but of course I can’t mention anything further in case a certain someone reads this.

Still no horses.

This week’s tip from Martha: Tips for a stress-free holiday season

These are great, and I’m not just saying that because I do many of them already. In fact, looking at that list I’m thinking about creating my own Martha-like lists. I might be ready for that next step. Maybe that will be the theme for 2018.