Monday, December 11 – Prepare guest bedrooms for visitors

We have one guest bedroom and it’s either ready for guests or it’s a mess, there isn’t much in between. In the winter, if you leave the door open and don’t mind cat hair on your bed because the door has been left open it can be quite comfortable. If, on the other hand, you are opposed to cat hair, it’s frigid. This year we’ll be hosting my parents and my sister for Christmas but in a stroke of good luck our neighbor is going to visit her kids, leaving her guest bedrooms empty, so our guests will not be staying with us. I’ll still get the guest bedroom ready because with our daughter home from school later this month there may be other folks spending an occasional night here, but I didn’t do it today.

Wednesday, December 13 – Begin wrapping presents

I wrapped two presents last night for Hanukkah so the wrapping has already begun! I like wrapping presents. Sometimes my packages look better on the outside than the content deserves, but I think that’s ok. At least, no one has complained.

Friday, December 15 – Deliver homemade sweets for neighbors and friends

OK when I saw this task I really gave it some thought. I am not sure though that my friends, or neighbors, want sweets. Usually people are making their own this time of year, and are already swamped with sweets and don’t want more. I guess if I made something really extraordinary that no one else made, or that I had become somehow famous for, it would make sense to deliver it to others. This is a long way of saying that I didn’t do this. Maybe I over thought this though and should have delivered some goodies.

Saturday, December 16 – Go for a horseback ride

Today we ran errands, typical for a Saturday. No horseback riding on the agenda. We are invited to a friend’s to celebrate Hanukkah tonight and I was asked to bring an app so I pulled out my copy of Martha Stewart’s Hors d’Oeuvres Handbook and decided to make the fava bean spread on crostini (which of course Martha suggests instead of something as common as a cracker). The spread is resting in the fridge, and the crostini are baked, I’ll assemble it just before we head out.

The book is jam packed with great snacky bites, I can’t believe that I haven’t made more from it but I actually had forgotten I owned it. Now I’m thinking about whether or not I want to make a bunch of different recipes from it for my husband’s birthday. I might, but first I have to get through Christmas and I have quite a menu planned for that so….

This week’s tip from Martha: Gift wrapping tips and techniques. 

I love the idea of shredding gift wrap scraps and using it to fill boxes, I’m going to do that.