Sunday, December 24 – Make peirogi

If we were to have a family tradition along these lines I think we’d make dumplings. My parents and sister are visiting and we grazed on hummus, stuffed grape leaves, olives, spinach pies – having a Middle Eastern hors d’ouevres party of sorts. And we drank prosecco and ate cookies. Those are two important elements of the holidays. Crucial in fact.

Monday, December 25 – Celebrate with family and friends

Everything went well although I was told to cut the salad because there was concern it would be too many courses. In hindsight I disagree with that decision, I think it would have been refreshing and all that would have happened is people would have eaten less of the main course, and I had planned main courses that make delicious leftovers so that would have been fine. Next year, or even just the next time I plan a menu, I’m sticking to my vision.

I did get colored wine glasses (!) and the table looked beautiful but here’s what I forgot to take pictures of: the soup with the star croutons (definitely making that again); the set table; everything else.

Wednesday, December 27 – Service vehicles and inspect tires

We got new tires for one of our cars so we’re right on task. Of course, we were going to do this without the reminder.

Thursday, December 28 – Stack firewood outside

Nope. I did however stack 5 cakes for the birthday boy, making a very tall cake indeed.

Friday, December 29 – Mail thank-you notes

Nope to this too. Yesterday our daughter and I spent the entire day preparing for my husband’s (her father) 50th. We made two different canapes from the Martha Stewart Hors d’Ouevres book and the first looked exactly like the photo (which I forgot to take!!): shrimp cucumber and dill butter canapes. The party was great.

Year in review

This isn’t on Martha’s calendar but I thought since it’s been a year I’d take a quick look back. I definitely learned a bit this year:

  • My oven is clean, I can see through the window
  • I tried new recipes
  • I washed the windows in our house (I don’t know if I’ll do that again though ever)
  • I learned the benefits of vinegar as a cleaning agent
  • I think I developed some better habits

I enjoyed writing this blog and am thinking of a few things including posting every few days instead of sticking to a week; switching magazines and following the advice in Town & Country (they have a list right now of how to start your jewelry collection!! or I could combine the two into one fabulous life guide); blogging on my own without a frame. We’ll see what 2018 brings but in the meantime I’m celebrating my Year of Living Martha with a bagel and some tea.