OK, I’m way behind. It’s Monday, January 29 and I’ve just returned from a new bar menu tasting. I’m over stuffed but feeling content, so let’s do this. I’ve been thinking about blogging all month, and have even jotted things down in partial blog posts – so I’m going to post everything at once in one glorious catch up January blog. It’ll probably be insanely long and no one will get to the end.

The picture at the top is from Stonington, Maine, Sand Beach. I took it on Sunday, January 21 – and I keep thinking it looks like a painting. The color was just extraordinary.

Tuesday, January 2 – Write thank you cards

I am not sure what I did on January 2 but it didn’t involve writing thank you cards, I know that much.

Wednesday, January 3 – Clean canary cages

Thursday, January 4 – Bomb cyclone

Martha didn’t have anything for this day but I did jot down the following:

9 a.m. Repotted orchid and moved a tiny fern into a hanging pot. Both tasks made me feel pretty good about all the blowing snow

9:30 a.m. Washed kitchen floor because someone had tracked dirt and ice in yesterday, leaving brown dried spots everywhere

10:45 a.m. Kids up and have made breakfast meaning we are suddenly down to 2 eggs and low on milk; two things I didn’t see happening and didn’t stock up on

11 a.m. Daughter argues vehemently about the stupidity and ugliness of snow pants when I suggest she wear them to go sledding later. This is after an argument about my being overly worried about plans being made in a blizzard, with a predicted up to 24″ of snow and white outs in 50 mph gusts of wind.

Noon – it’s quiet again, daughter has left with the snow pants (not wearing)

4 p.m. The storm has been lighter than anticipated. Daughter did not go sledding (not due to lack of snow, just due to lack of interest). I spent the afternoon working.

Friday, January 5 – Mulch ornamental beds with compost

Um, there was a lot of snow. I couldn’t have done this even if I had been following the calendar.

Saturday, January 6 – Put away Christmas trees and decorations.

Hey, I actually did do this on this date. And discovered that my husband was disappointed that I went ahead and did it on my own, even though I thought “boy would it be great if someone took care of this for me, so wouldn’t it be nice if I just did it?”

Sunday, January 7 – Hike with Jude and Truman

Monday, January 8 – Clean and organize kitchen pantry

I remember this from last year, and I really enjoyed doing it, so I’ll do it soon. Really though it’s my cupboards that need to be organized, they are dreadful. Especially the blind cupboard that I hate.

Tuesday, January 9 – Make soup: freeze leftovers

I did do this this month, more than once. But not on Tuesday, January 9. One of the soups we made this month was Slow Cooker Pho from the 101 Easy Asian Recipes and it was delicious.

Wednesday, January 10 – Donate clothes to charity

There is a semi-permanent mound of clothing in a corner of our bedroom. We drop stuff off pretty routinely.

Thursday, January 11 – Refill bird-food containers

We don’t have bird feeders but I have recently discovered that I want a bird feeder.

Friday, January 12 – Rotate mattresses

Duly noted.

Saturday, January 13 – Host lunch for friends

Oh, I’m sorry I didn’t see this one. It would have been fun to do, I’ve never had a group of friends over for lunch. Instead I went through the following:

Today’s challenge, should you (meaning me) choose to accept it: how many loads of laundry can you do in a single afternoon? I mean, if you really focus, and don’t forget to change the load? Maybe I can set a world record. I’m starting now, and will stop at 5 pm (it’s 2 pm).

Sunday, January 14 – Go snowshoeing

This is something else I was honestly thinking about this month. We’ve had so much snow and I think I would like winter a lot more if I forced myself to get out there and do something. I tried snowshoeing once though and didn’t like it but a friend told me that what he loves is the silence, and seeing animal tracks – and I love the silence of snow – so I think I should try it again.

Also, we may never know the answer to yesterday’s challenge, I got distracted part way through and ran errands instead.

Today I washed the dog. He looks much fluffier now and smells good.

January 15

My daughter suggested we make the rotisserie chicken ramen from 101 East Asian Recipes tomorrow, I’m pretty excited about that, and the soy eggs that we get to make.

Today I cleaned all my make up brushes, I think Martha should add that to her calendar.

Wednesday, January 17 – Schedule an eye exam.

Good thing we did this recently.

Thursday, January 18 – Winter Antiques Show opening party in NYC

I bet that was amazing. I attended a winter menu preview at a client’s and had my own amazing evening. Six incredible courses of amazing in fact.

Friday, January 19 – Organize home office.

OK, I desperately need to organize my office – and I did start on it a few days ago.

But in more fun news, my daughter and I went to visit my parents in Deer Isle this weekend so that we could bake from the Great British Bake Off book.

We baked ALL DAY Saturday. Photos of the Opera Cake in various stages (we had to make our own sponge cake template from aluminum foil):

Untitled design (2)

And more pictures plus the Jaffa Cakes:

Untitled design (4)

It was a really fun day. When we returned to Portland on Sunday our son asked where all the baked goods were because we had announced we were going to bake for an entire day – he couldn’t believe that all we made was one cake and 12 cookies! I don’t know if I’ll ever make an Opera cake again although it was delicious, and beautiful.

Sunday, January 21 – here are some more Stonington pictures:

Untitled design (6)

Monday, January 22 – Draft plan for spring planting

Tuesday, January 23 – Order seeds

I haven’t order any yet but did circle some items I’d like. Fortunately I have a friend who ordered a bunch – of course, I hope she starts the seeds. My plan is to order seeds to supplement so that together we can have fabulous flower gardens this summer.

Wednesday, January 24 – Restock firewood

Thursday, January 25 – Roast root vegetables

Why did this task get it’s own mention on the calendar? Doesn’t Martha roast vegetables the way everyone else does, which is when you want to eat some with your dinner?

Friday, January 26 – Clean and oil saddles.

Saturday, January 27 – Horseback ride.

We all know how those tasks went. No horse.

Sunday, January 28 – Mohegan Sun brunch appearance in Uncasville, Conn

Monday, January 29 – Survey property for damaged trees.

We have a large branch down in the backyard that was so big it looked like a small tree, especially since it landed upright in a snow bank.