Wednesday, January 31 – Take inventory of wine

This was fast, and easy. One bottle of red, in the basement. We need more wine.

Thursday, February 1 – Speak at Barnard College

I did have any paid speaking engagements today, however, that didn’t stop me from speaking freely and at length about several engaging topics: work, more work and oh, work.

Saturday, February 3 – Feed orchids

In my mind, my office will someday look like this gorgeous picture from Town & Country Magazine. 

Screen Shot 2018-02-11 at 3.10.15 PM

However, currently one corner of my desk has two rather sad orchids on it. This is despite the fact that I repotted them recently, using fancy orchid food and soil.

Sunday, February 4 – Watch Super Bowl with friends and family

I used to enjoy watching the commercials but I think they are way less interesting these days. I did watch the Super Bowl though, which serves as a great excuse for eating lots of chips and dip.

Monday, February 5 – New York Botanical Garden Orchid Dinner

I wonder if they used orchids as garnish for the dishes. I bet they did, seems like a missed opportunity otherwise.

Tuesday, February 6 – Clean light fixtures

I clean the light fixture in the kitchen periodically, it gets gross above the stove. Last time I cleaned it I wiped it with distilled vinegar, thanks to Martha’s tips. I also vacuum some of our lamp shades occasionally. I have not, however, ever gone through the house to clean all the light fixtures. You know what else needs to be cleaned that people forget about? Light switches. Those switch plates get gnarly.

I didn’t do anything about the above.

Wednesday, February 7 – Depart for the Svalbard Islands, Norway

This is not the time of year to go to Norway, as far as I’m concerned. I am sure it’s pretty dark, and damp. Granted, I don’t know a thing about the Svalbard Islands, but I doubt they are any more green and spring-like than the wet, gray, snowy landscape here.

I purchased white hyacinths in a pot the other day so that I could add a little spring to my office and I made cupcakes this evening, with coffee buttercream icing on some, vanilla on others. They are heavenly and have made the day even better.

Thursday, February 8 – Visit Global Seed Vault with

This sounds really cool. I looked up the Svalbard Islands and it’s near the North Pole, and apparently you can see the Northern Lights. Maybe it would be fun to visit it in the winter.

Saturday, February 10 – Return from Svalbard

I wonder if Martha gets stressed when she returns from a vacation. Usually I find the return pretty bumpy, and it’s not really because I go back to work, it’s because my house is nothing like a hotel. I walk in and immediately realize I should get rid of most of my things. The house always feels cluttered and dirty, and then there is all that laundry to be dealt with, right? Maybe I’m doing this all wrong, and should clean the house right before I leave so that I can return to a freshly made bed and no clutter. But that requires even more planning because then I have to clean and pack at the same time. Actually, now that I’ve said that, it sounds very Martha-like.

Sunday, February 11 – Craft valentines with the grandchildren

Today we went to brunch at a friend’s. I am now too full, had too much coffee, and am contemplating a nap. I did not craft any valentines but that would have been a great brunch activity. I’ll make a note for next year and host a valentines brunch, complete with crafts.