I’m not sure how this month flew by so quickly while simultaneously dragging on forever. Here are the things I learned, unrelated to Martha:

  1. 49 is the new 17 – my hair refuses to behave, I swear my skin looks different, it takes forever to find the right outfit and I’m left wondering if I’m the only one of my friends to have officially entered menopause. Obviously that last item is not related to being 17, replace that with losing your virginity, or stealing your parents’ booze or whatever milestone you were freaked out about as a teen. Not that I’m freaked out, it’s more like surprised. It just snuck up on me. Martha doesn’t discuss such things. Turns out, no one else does either.
  2. A new washing machine can be exciting. I kid you not. Our new machine lights up, and makes a friendly sound. It made me look around at the stained cement walls, cobwebs and piles of dirty laundry and realize that perhaps it deserves better. Maybe we should spruce the area up a bit and create a laundry area that isn’t miserable.
  3. Winter would be better if I could leave it behind for 2 weeks.

February 13 – Bake and decorate cookies

I offered to bake and decorate cookies but my son and his girlfriend turned me down.

February 14 – QVC

Today was filled with the awful news of the Parkland shooting, which simply should not have happened. It’s a terrible thing.

February 15 – QVC

I wonder what would happen if someone raised a political issue on QVC. Would they simply smile and say “we only have 200 left in that color” and try to move the conversation along? Or go to a commercial?

February 17 – Wash dogs’ winter coats and sweaters

Murphy, our dog, doesn’t own any winter coats, or sweaters. We’ve been thinking about buying him some boots though! Surely someone makes dog boots that look like LL Bean boots.

His teeth are shiny, so there’s that at least. Earlier this week he went to the vet for a teeth cleaning/growth removal combo. He sailed right through the surgery, that’s what the vet said. Sailed right through. Such a great image. Now he’s on antibiotics and some mild pain medication but he seems to be himself. He spits the pills out if they aren’t rolled up in a ball of peanut butter. He’s very proud of himself for finding them in his food.

Best part of today was sampling some dishes from a new chef in town. The poached pear was divine. And anyone who knows me knows that I would never opt to have a poached pear for dessert.

February 18 Depart for Antartica

Clearly Martha knows something about wintry climates that I don’t know. Maybe they help prevent aging? Or the brisk, cold air is rejuvenating? I think I would like winter more if I tried snowshoeing, or cross country skiing perhaps. I don’t hate winter, not really. But I like it less than I like any other time of year.

February 23 Return from Antartica

Most of the snow has melted and I saw some green next to the driveway, irises coming up!

February 24 Family dinner with Alexis and the grandkids

This reminds me, we should entertain more. It’s always fun to have people over.

February 25 Repot begonias after blooming

I don’t have any begonias. The hyacinth that I bought earlier this month is done blooming and I’m not sure what to do with it now. It doesn’t look too good. I could try planting it in the fall, so first I would need to let it die back I think.

February 27 Martha’s Flowers hits bookstores

“A Practical Guide to Growing, Gathering, and Enjoying” – that’s rather vague. If I remember I’ll go check it out. Speaking of gardening, I just heard about a show on Netflix that I’d like to watch, Big Dreams, Small Spaces. I’m definitely in the mood to dream big about our garden.