So it turns out that I never got around to purchasing this month’s issue of Martha Stewart Living. It was a pretty scary month, I had to make up my own tasks. I have April by my side though, so things will return to normal soon.

March 1 – Visit the dentist

I like going to the dentist to get my teeth cleaned. I know I’m in the minority on this one, but I like the way my teeth feel after they’ve been polished, and I like my hygienist too, we always have things to catch up on.

March 3 – Attend Sunaana Music Festival

I had it easy. Last month Martha traveled to Sweden and Antartica, this weekend Iceland came to me.

Sunaana was really great, I’m already looking forward to next year.

March 4 – Attend Maine Restaurant Week event Crave

I really like how things that I was planning to do suddenly take on an air of importance just because they are assigned a date and a title. This event today featured sweets and one savory dish, all using coffee as an ingredient. The picture below is from the event. Most people gain all their weight during the holidays. Me, Maine Restaurant Week.

Untitled design (1)

March 8 – Bake bread

Today marked yet another snow storm. I think the third Nor’easter this month in fact, so the irises that were peeking through the dirt last month are hidden under a snow bank. In honor of the snow day, and the fact that my parents were visiting, we made an Icelandic multigrain bread, a Danish wheat walnut loaf and Martha Stewart’s Peppermint Meringue Cookies with Chocolate Filling (pictured at the top, bread below)

Untitled design (2)

March 10 – Plan summer garden

I was inspired to begin summer garden plans by a British show called Big Dreams, Small Spaces. So far I’ve decided we need a water feature and that the garden needs to “lead somewhere.”

March 14 – Prepare guest rooms

This task was way overdue. By the way, I made room plural so this would sound more like a Martha task, to be clear, we have guest room singular. All winter I’ve been storing things in the guest room and then quickly closing the door behind me. Due to guests arriving this weekend it was clear the time had come.

March 16 – Thorough cleaning

In anticipation of a friend’s visit (see above, guest room) today featured a range of household tasks not normally performed on a Friday: vacuuming, sweeping, bathroom cleaning and general clean up.

March 17 – Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with friends


March 18 – Summer garden planning continues

Now our garden needs an arch, preferably made of hazel tree branches, more climbing vines on the fences and a crazy feature like an enormous bird covered with plants. Like this.