Martha’s April included instructions like “clean gutters” (April 10), “Look for morel mushrooms at farmers’ market” (April 14) and “schedule spring maintenance for cars” (April 25). My April had self-imposed suggestions like “wash the bathrooms” (April 8, 15, 22 and 29), “do laundry” (a few times a week) and “acquire part of a Festival called Harvest on the Harbor” (April 10). That last part I’m really excited about, it takes place in October and celebrates Maine food and drink with lots of fun events. You should come.

Our schedules overlapped with “celebrate Earth Day” (April 22) and we purchased some very tasty mushrooms from Mistress Mary Mushrooms (but no morels).

In between the “gentle reminders, helpful tips, and important dates” there were lunches, meetings, dinners, meetings, cocktails, meetings.

I was actually thinking of not blogging anymore, but then I received the May issue of Living in the mail today. Until now I had been boosting the publication’s newsstand sales by buying it monthly but I finally subscribed – and then forgot that I had done so. Or maybe I didn’t subscribe and it’s a gift from my mother? I should check.

The May cover, with the “daybed built for daydreaming” is making me look at our cluttered house with a critical eye. That’s what always happens in the spring, everything looks tired, and there is a film of dirt on the windows that is even more visible because there are no leaves on the trees.

Anyway, that’s a long way of saying that I’m going to go back to blogging more routinely after all.

Just a quick note about the image at the top. I love lily of the valley, and I have pink lily of the valley in my garden which I’m particularly fond of, but I wouldn’t be opposed to this lily of the valley that I saw at the Metropolitan Museum of Art on a day trip with our daughter. It’s by Faberge, of course.