So far this month Martha reminded me to “stock up on flower-arranging supplies,” “put summer linens on beds,” “send area rugs for cleaning,” and “cut blooming lilacs for flower arrangements.” That last suggestion was for today, which is a balmy 54 degrees and right now my lilac buds are either hiding or tightly closed.

I’d like to go back to the “summer linens on beds” because this struck a chord of FOMO deep within me. I get that we are past the time for flannel, although I’m sure many would disagree with me on that point, but what are summer bed linens? Is it more than a reminder to put away the heavy comforter and get out a lighter one? If so, I want in. I’d like to have summer bed linens, they sound like something in a fairy tale. Surely the Princess and the Pea’s bed had summer linens. Maybe all that spun gold in Rumpelstiltskin was used to make summer linens.

Here are my gentle reminders for the month:

Thursday, May 3 – Dinner with client

Saturday, May 5 – Attend cycle class

I’ve started taking a cycle class once a week and I really love it. I love being in the dark, I love the loud music, I love the way I feel afterwards.

Monday, May 7 – New business meeting

Wednesday, May 9 – Mah Jong with friends

Here’s what’s great about Mah Jong: the sound of the tiles; the look of the tiles (so pretty); we get to catch up with each other. And it’s a fun game.

Thursday, May 10 – Oysters for happy hour

Two and a half dozen oysters; three people. Not bad. Should have gone for that full last dozen.

Saturday, May 12 – Prepare flower beds

I spent the entire day weeding two beds but still have the larger back garden to attend to. Right now it looks like things are overwhelmingly messy but if I get another good weekend next weekend I’ll be able to whip things into shape.

I’m not sure if I mentioned the seeds I started in newspaper pots or not, but the hyacinth beans look incredible. Only one nasturtium and two morning glories have emerged. The zinnias are doing well. It’s still too early to plant outside, which is a good thing since I still have so much weeding to do.

Sunday, May 13 – Inspect trees and bushes

It looks like we lost two large hydrangeas. I am considering replacing the one in the back with two red wood Dogwoods, and the one in the front with a flowering crab apple. I’m going to wait a bit longer to officially call them dead.

Thursday, May 17 – Pick up daughter from college

We have returned, with cars loaded with bags filled with randomly placed items.